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Mabuye – ‘Evolve’

‘Evolve’ is the latest seven-track album by hip-hop artist Mabuye. It is a superb release that is making waves this summer 2020. 

‘Initiation’ opens the release. An acoustic guitar and gorgeous female vocal lay the solid foundation for Mabuye’s deep-reaching lyrics to shine. His rap flows effortlessly, and this is testament to the talent he possesses.

We loved ‘Twin Flame’, the beat is engaging and provides the perfect framework for Mabuye to shine. The chorus is addictive and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

‘Vivid Dreams’ is another stand out track. It has a melodic feel to the vocals and the backing synths are staccato in nature. This creates texture within the piece and creates an enticing tone. Finally, ‘Worth It’ closes the release and leaves us wanting more! 


In addition, we also loved the mix, production and master of the album. All of the detailed instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines in its own light. We love the overall vibe of ‘Evolve’ it is thoroughly engaging and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Mabuye says about the release, “‘Evolve’ is culmination of (my) journey in growth, healing, and lessons learned and unlearned along the way.” We can hear these themes coming through on evolve. Mabuye has the ability to relate to his audience, and ‘Evolve’ is deeply relatable. This is a big part of his charm. Mabuye connects to his audience and makes us feel less alone together. 

So make sure you add ‘Evolve’ to your weekday playlist. Mabuye is an artist who is just warming up, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. Until then, ‘Evolve’ is available from the link below. 

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