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Macajey – ‘Mornin’

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Hailing from Estonia, Macajey is an indie-rock artist who is releasing his superb latest single ‘Mornin’, 7th July 2020. It is an exciting release from a superb artist.

An upbeat and driving nature greets the listener. Luscious guitars create an atmosphere within the piece and pave the way for Macajey’s vocals to kick in. The sensitive vocals connect with the listener and create a harmony within the piece. 

The gentle vocals nature is juxtaposed to the textured guitars, which creates a beautiful balance within the single. We love the chorus, which is memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended.



Macajey says, “Life doesn’t have to be so hard it can in fact be simple, and always allowing room for unexpected surprises to come into your life. So in one moment, let some peace in, give a kiss to your loved ones, and just for now, don’t think and have a little hope.” We think that ‘Mornin’ will resonate with a number of people and this is a big part of Macajey’s charm and appeal. 

Released officially today, ‘Mornin’ is the first single to be taken from Macajey’s forthcoming album, ‘Daydreamin’. After hearing this spellbinding single, we can not wait for the full album to be released. We have added ‘Mornin’ to our FV Music Blog playlist too.

Macajey is an exciting artist with a bright future ahead of him. We are sure that ‘Mornin’ will please existing Macajey fans while winning him an army of new ones too. To sum up, make sure you add ‘Mornin’ to your weekday playlist. It is available from the link below. We look forward to hearing the upcoming album! 

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