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Maddisun – ‘Self Reflections’

Hailing from Canada, musician Maddisun has released her spellbinding latest album ‘Self Reflections’, in August 2020.

‘Moutain Air’ opens the release with an instantly luring groove. The driving drums build the piece before Maddisun’s emotive vocals enter. Her smooth and enticing tones are simply stunning.

‘In the End’ has a reggae vibe and is a different feel to what has come before. We love the relatable lyrics which resonates with the audience. ‘Fiction’ has a natural feel to it; nature waves add texture to the piece. Again, Maddisun’s smooth vocals guide the piece along, and it is a song that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

We loved ‘Days Off’; it is memorable and catchy. The layered guitars add texture to the piece, and the track is thoroughly compelling. Finally, ‘Contrast’ closes the release. It is a stripped back song that shines in the light in which it was written. 


Maddisun says about the album, “Self Reflections is a complete genre-bending/crossing album. You can expect to hear A LOT of diversity on here, I’m a complete free spirit and don’t abide by the rules of ‘genre’ in music as are the musicians who played on this record. I truly believe in this release and the whole theme that goes along with it. I have a lot of passion for it and a strong niche.”

Maddisun worked with Barry Jones of Sincerity Sound Studio (Winlaw, BC) on this superb record. She also teamed up with Kyle Albrecht on guitar/bass/production and Jordan Lysenko on drums on the record. Together they have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

So make sure you add ‘Self Reflections’ to your weekday playlist. Maddisun is an exciting artist, and we are thrilled she has released a full album. We very much look forward to hearing which direction she will go next. Until then, ‘Self Reflections’ is available from the link below.

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