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Mahto & The Loose Balloons
Mahto & The Loose Balloons

Mahto & The Loose Balloons – ‘The Buzzard’

Hailing from the United States, Mahto & The Loose Balloons has released the stunning indie-rock EP ‘The Buzzard’. It is a release that sets Mahto & The Loose Balloons as artists to watch in 2022.

‘In the Middle of the Street’ opens the release to an atmospheric beginning. Then, it gently evolves before the listener and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come.

‘Systemic’ is a stand out track with compelling lyrics and stoic backing instrumentation. We adore the unexpected chordal progressions and punchy percussion.

In addition, ‘Avoiding a Fever’ is a wonderful single about the pandemic. It is profoundly relatable and a song that hits the listener hard. Also, ‘Guest’ is a textured piece filled with vivid colour. Finally, the title track closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!


Mahto & The Loose Balloons comprises of band members Mahto Addison-Browder – guitar, vocals, Will Diebold – bass, Sam Love – Drums, Travis F. Welch – guitar and piano. Together they are making exciting music that needs to be heard this Spring.


Mahto & The Loose Balloons cite their influences as coming from artists such as They Might Be Giants, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and King Krule. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘The Buzzard’ but make no mistake, Mahto & The Loose Balloons are making music all of their own!

Guitars at zZounds


Mahto says about the release, “This project is more of a reflection of the things happening around me at the time than my previous releases. The lockdown was a pretty stressful time all around, and I think it forced me to examine myself and my relationship with my community.”

He continues, “I just wanted to learn to play piano, and everything else just came with. I was also messing around with my roommate’s upright bass a lot and wanted to incorporate that.”

So make sure you add ‘The Buzzard’ to your new music playlist this week; you will be glad you did!

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