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Maini Sorri – ‘Through Teary Eyes’

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Singer-Songwriter Maini Sorri is set to release her superb latest single ‘Through Teary Eyes’, on 14th May 2020. Currently living in Sweden, she is an excellent artist, and we are excited about this new release.

A vibrant band sound greets the listener. Maini Sorri’s instantly recognisable vocals grace the track, and the intoxicating melodies greet the listener. We enjoyed the upbeat nature of the song; It has a compelling integrity and addictive beat. We loved the backing instrumentation too which is layered and intriguing.

Maini Sorri says, “The new single is energetic and uplifting, although the story is about missing someone.” This is a topic which is very relatable to many people, especially at the moment and we believe it is what will resonate with her audience.

Maini’s has an impressive discography containing six albums, three extended plays and twenty two singles, including her new single ‘Through Teary Eyes’. Maini has a new exciting collaboration with the female successful Music Producer Aubrey Whitfield from London, UK. She has worked with X-factor, the American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and many more, on labels such as EMI, Sony, and Universal. 

Maini has previously collaborated with the American Rapper Magneto Dayo. Their single ‘Blue Song’ stayed on National DigitalRadioTracker Top Charts for eleven weeks during Summer 2014. Grammy-nominated USA-producers Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre have co-produced many of Maini’s singles, and her ‘Bring Me Home’ album. ‘Lost Love’ is featured amongst the 50 song soundtrack in the videogame The Metronomicon: ‘Slay the Dance Floor’, released 2016. Maini’s techno single ‘Let Me Do Your Time’ spent nine weeks on the most-sold tracks list DigiListan of Swedish Radio 2011.

Check out the new release on 14th May 2020!

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