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Major Moment
Major Moment

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Major Moment – ‘The Flood’

Major Moment is an alternative rock band hailing from Boston. Their latest single ‘The Flood’ is an attention-grabbing song which needs to be heard this summer 2020. 

Firstly, captivating synths open the release before the full band, rock sound kicks in. Moreover, it is an attention-grabbing opening which instantly demands the audience’s attention and holds it effortlessly. 

We adore the layered and varied instrumentation which fills the sonic spectrum. They lay the foundations for the driving and enigmatic vocal performance. The chorus is catchy and memorable, and the listener looks forward to it coming back around. 

In addition, we very much enjoyed the mix, production and master of ‘The Flood’. All of the layered and complex instrumentation has its own space in the mix. Nothing feels crowded, and a harmonious balance has been achieved.


The band say about their music, “Considering the destructive messages modern pop culture carelessly brings to society, we feel it’s our social responsibility to deliver an alternative message.” They continue, “One of love, trust, believing in ourselves and supporting one another.” 

Previously, Major Moment released their debut EP, ​’One Small Step’ in 2018. ​From there, they won ‘Best Rock Album of the Year’ at the ​2019 IMEA Awards​. Also, they were nominated for ‘Best Rock Production’ and ‘Best Lyric Video’ at the ​Independent Music Awards​. In addition, two songs from the EP were nominated for ‘Best Rock’ and ‘Best Production’ at the ​Hollywood Music In Media Awards​. 

So make sure you check out ‘The Flood’ from the link below. To sum up, Major Moment is destined for big things in the 2020s, and we very much look forward to hearing their next release. 

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