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Malsi – ‘Dopamine’

MALSI is an exciting singer/songwriter and producer currently residing in Los Angeles. Her latest, superb single ‘Dopamine’ is officially released on 11th October 2019. We have been lucky enough to hear it ahead of its release and we cannot wait for it to drop. You are in for a treat!

The single hits the listener hard from the get-go. MALSI’s instantly recognisable vocals are present and hard-hitting. Swimming in delay and reverb, MALSI instantly sets the scene as to what is to come for the listener. Gorgeous harmonies fill the audio landscape and engulf the listener, and they create texture and colour within the piece too. 

Backing instrumentation comes in the form of layered synths and drums. When the single is in full flow, the double kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the song, creating stability for the rest of the track to grow from. In certain places, there are also small solos for the drums and the synths too. This rise and fall in tempo adds beautiful texture and keeps the listener on their toes. 

We adored the production of ‘DOPAMINE’, clever and extremely well-produced. The vocals feel as though they are swirling, coming in waves. They cover the entire audio spectrum and pan their way from side to side as though they are constantly moving. 

Originally from Boston, MALSI fuses her favorite elements of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and R&B into her music. This is what gives her songs the Malsi edge. There are elements of Joss Stone and Sade in her vocal performance on the track but make no mistake – MALSI is a brilliant talent in her own right. 

Having previously released the album ‘Hades’ in January 2017, MALSI is an artist who is here to stay. We cannot wait to hear what will come next from such an exciting talent. Make sure you check out this stunning release today!

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