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‘Man of the Meadows’ is an EP by the talented Vulcan Cicada. Vulcan’s Facebook page describes him as a ‘reclusive recording artist’ and we are pleased to have discovered him and this wonderful EP!

Due for released on 23rd April 2018, ‘Man of the Meadows’ is spine tingling in it’s nature and is a sonic journey in audio enjoyment. It is clear to hear the love, passion and commitment that has gone into the project. 

‘Nacht’ starts with beautiful strings and dolphin sounds before electronic beats kicks in. The reverb on the vocals mixed with the synth strings and piano break 3/4 of the way through make for an atmospheric sounding track which is laid back and captivating.

‘She was here’ is a more upbeat track with a Nick Cave sounding vocal performance and upbeat synths. The title Track, ‘Man of the Meadows’ has a brilliant guitar opening, it is positive, catchy and upbeat in nature. The backing vocals add depth to an already layered and brilliant performance. In the break the guitars and vocals work in unison together mixing nature and instruments perfectly.

‘Angel’ has syncopated drums creating an interesting drum patterns, two voices working together seamlessly carrying the weight equally. It is uplifting in nature and a strong potential for a Single.

‘Pinball’ is a twist and turn in genre, it has a heavier and rockier feel to it. Starting with a funky bass line and a progressive feel, it reminds us of Alice in Chains. A catchy and standout track!

Produced by D. Ni. L, he has done a great job of binding together a cohesive piece of work. A number of genres are covered and D. Ni L has done a stellar job of making them all belong together. 

If you do one thing today, get yourself a copy this wonderful EP here: http://www.musicationlabel.com priced just £5!

“If you yearn and yearn without release you may yearn for your yearning to cease” – Vulcan Cicada

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018



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  1. I agree that this CD shows how talented Vulcan Cicada is. The five songs on this EP cover a variety of genres and each is engaging and original. I hope he gets the recognition he undoubtedly deserves.

    1. I could not agree more Mikey!

    2. I forgot to mention that there are simularities with the artists Johnny Catharsis and Buttercream 87.

  2. .. because they are one and the same artist. And that is not all for he has composed some classical music under the name John Michael Kirkman.

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