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‘The Reset Era’ is the beautiful latest release by Manic Carbon. It is a single that is rich in character and warmth. The wonderful and catchy chorus will be stuck in your head long after the music has finished!

Keys surrounded in reverb and delay offer a discord feeling to the opening. This soon dissipates as the beat and vocals drop. We adored the bass, it is melodic and adds layers of warmth to the song. A swirling, and at times disorientating sound becomes present as the song evolves. The kick drum enters and anchors the single, giving it stability. Luscious vocals swim through the melodies and the layered vocals fill the audio spectrum magnificently.

There is also a charming and characterful video that accompanies the release. Manic Carbon describes it as, “‘The Reset Era’ is a nostalgic journey through16-bit video games and psychedelic summers, as the protagonist descends into a hyperreal world where everything, even life itself, can be reset. It is sure to please fans of Superorganism, Animal Collective, Toro Y Moi, and Kero Kero Bonito.” We felt the video was the perfect accompaniment to a brilliant single. Unique and diverse, both the audio and visuals work together seamlessly.

Comprised of members, Sadsic, Moral Reef, Nicwqwqy, and Karter AKA, Manic Carbon has an interesting history. The members are spread between four cities and two continents, Los Angeles, Sydney, Philadelphia, Denver. They met on a long-dead music forum in the mid-2000s. Today, they make music by sending tracks back and forth, building and improvising on each other’s ideas.

We loved ‘The Reset Era’. Manic Carbon are pushing the boundaries of ‘Weird Pop’ (that’s how they describe their sound!) and their dreamy and catchy melodies made fans of us in no time. Check out this wonderful single today!

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