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‘Faceless’ Album cover

Hailing from Kaplan, Mankind’s Remedy are a superb 3 piece rock band. Their latest album, ‘Faceless’ is a masterclass in heavy, melodic music with a heart.

The opening track, ‘Hey Buddy’ sets the tone of the album well. The song is built around a Red Hot Chili Peppers style guitar riff. The bass and drums are the heartbeat of the song and keep a solid foundation for the vocals and guitars to grow from. The vocals remind us of Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and the lyrics are relatable to many people. There is a laid back groove and charm from this song and we loved how the lead guitar underpins the vocals on the chorus. It is very cleverly composed and well executed.

‘Ratt’ features a big distorted guitar sound and a thoroughly catchy hook. Mankind’s Remedy make a huge sound for a 3 piece band. They remind us of Nirvana and there are certainly comparisons to be made. We loved, ‘The Pit’, as the song is built around a superb riff and the drum sound is massive. We also loved, ‘Hysteria’ its syncopated kick drum and harmonies throughout make the song shine in the brightest light. ‘Rust Brain’ grows from humble and subdued beginnings. There are lively high hats, gorgeous melodies and the bass aids the melodic groove. As it progresses, the song gets heavier and builds in layers and textures. There are beautiful jazz chords used here which are fused with the rock feel. This fusion of genres works superbly well and have been executed to perfection.

The final song ‘Brother’, features a complex and heavily affected guitar sound. The bass and drums work together as one to provide the rhythm and there is a truly awesome chord progression. The song is at its heart about asking for help and this is what makes ‘Faceless’ an album with longevity. The songs are relatable and there is a solace to be found in their lyrics.

Comprised of band members; Travyn Hargrave, Bennett Price and Mason Dugas, Mankind’s Remedy are surely destined for big things. Since forming in 2017, they have created a piece of art which is sure to stand the test of time. We can not wait to see what will come next from such a talented and exciting group of lads. We will be watching with eager anticipation.

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  1. Wow!!! Great write ups and any sort of positive feedback like this are far and few. To see an unsolicited review like this lifted our spirits and will hopefully lead to an opportunity for us. On behalf of the Trio Mankind’s Remedy and Manager/Publ. Thank You very much!!!

  2. Wow! This is a great write up! These guys are awesome! So glad to finally see good music back on the scene!

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