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Maple – ‘Hypnoteyez’

‘Hypnoteyez’ is the excellent debut single by Nashville-based artist, Maple. It is a synth-pop release with a big heart. 

An enticing synth opens the release and paves the way for the intoxicating groove to drop. We adore the staccato nature of the main melody; it creates interest and intrigue within the piece. Also, the riff is memorable and deeply affecting. 

Although only 2:07 in length, ‘Hypnoteyez’ packs a big punch. We adore the heavily effected vocals that offer a deep bass within the track. Their tone is exhilarating and takes the single in a new direction. 

In addition, we also adore the mix, production and master of the single. Every part of the layered and varied instrumentation has its own space in the mix. Maple is a talented artist who brings many skills to the table on ‘Hypnoteyez’.


There is also a stunning video which accompanies the release. It offers the perfect visuals to a stand out single, and we thoroughly recommend checking it out. 

Hailing originally from Miami, Florida, Maple is a self-taught artist. He has worked with phenomenal producers such as Pharrell and Timbaland, and his sound is fresh and innovating. Maple is a unique artist who is one to watch in the 2020s; we know he is going to do big things. Watch this space. 

Released officially on the 28th October 2020, ‘Hypnoteyez’ is out now. It is a brilliant introduction to a talented artist. It is a debut single that leaves the audience wanting more, and we can not wait to see what Maple will deliver next. 

Until then, make sure you add ‘Hypnoteyez’ to your weekday playlist. It is available from the link below, enjoy!

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