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Marble Mammoth

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Marble Mammoth – ‘Higher Than The Sun’

Marble Mammoth is back! The Swedish Rockers have released their stunning single ‘Higher Than The Sun’ in November 2020. It is an alternative-rock single that will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. 

Big guitars and driving drums open the release. The opening guitar solo is enticing and draws the audience in. The layered vocals enter, and the excellent single is in full flow. 

We adore the psychedelic feel to the single which injects colour into the song. The chorus is catchy and memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

The rise and fall in the instrumentation throughout the song is wonderful, and the arrangement of the track is intelligent. Marble Mammoth is a band who are continually pushing forward and ‘Higher Than The Sun’ is no exception.


In addition, there is also a stunning video which accompanies the release. Gustav Öhman Spjuth directed the video and together the team have done an excellent job matching the audio with the visuals.

Singer and guitarist Tobias Bergholm says about the video, “This esthetic really suited the story and helped convey the right feel to the song.” It is the perfect accompaniment to this superb single, and we recommend checking it out. 

Having formed in 2017, Marble Mammoth have released their self titled debut EP plus numerous singles including ‘Wrecked Ship’, ‘Glitter Amongst Gravel’, and most recently ‘Have The Sun Lick Your Mind’.

So make sure to add ‘Higher Than The Sun’ to your weekday playlist. Marble Mammoth is a band who keep going from strength to strength. We eagerly anticipate what they will do next. Until then, ‘Higher Than The Sun’ is available to stream from the link below. You will not be disappointed!

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