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Marc Summers – ‘Heel Turn’

‘Heel Turn’ is the latest 20 minute EP from the artist, Marc Summers. All of the production on this great EP is by Wayne Klassik. Together the duo has composed a stunning piece of art.

‘Triumphant Thoughts 2’ opens to the sound of the piano. The rap vocals hit hard once they drop and the hard-hitting lyrics flow effortlessly from Marc Summers. This is an indication of the talent and skill he possesses. The varied drum styles add texture to the song and together, they leave the listener wanting more.

‘High Demand’ has an infectious beat, and the vocals are filled with a luscious delay. The free-flowing lyrics are performed with stoic confidence and Marc Summers is entirely in control. We enjoyed ‘Parts Unknown’ for its brutally honest lyrics and ‘No Pressure’ for its atmospheric opening. The final and title track, ‘Heel Turn’ is an upbeat ending with big backing instrumentation and rap.

“I have been making music for the last ten years and one thing that people that rap don’t do anymore is just that: rap.” He continues, ” This project has no features, no samples, and was made in contempt of the so-called “fans”. Nothing sounds mainstream, and that was the point. I wanted to do something that I wanted to do to the best of my abilities. With that being said, enjoy.”

Filled with intelligent lyrics and beautifully composed backing instrumentation, ‘Heel Turn’ is a beautiful EP. The lyrics, music and production have respect between them, and this comes through on the EP. They also come together to create magic. It is an honest EP with no smoke and mirrors, just legitimate talent from the two artists.

Make sure you check out ‘Heel Turn’ today from the link below. We can not wait to see what Marc Summers and Wayne Klassik will do next.

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