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Marcus Sukiennik – Heike Rost

Marcus Sukiennik – ‘Deutsche Nationalhymne’

Cologne-based musician Marcus Sukiennik has released a stunning cover of the song ‘Deutsche Nationalhymne’. It is an instrumental release you need to know about this Winter of 2022.

A glorious piano opens the release and instantly draws the listener in. We enjoyed the intelligent chordal progressions that take the audience on a journey.

In addition, we adore the rise and fall in the playing; Marcus Sukiennik knows when to push forward and when to pull back, creating a luscious texture within the piece.

Moreover, the stunning melodies build within the single, and the divine harmonies ring out, creating vivid colour in the piece. ‘Deutsche Nationalhymne’ is a single you do not want to miss!

Sukiennik’s playing style is authoritative, and the listener feels safe in his hands. His fingers expertly dance over the keys, and the talent he possesses is glorious to hear.


Marcus Sukiennik says about the release, “It is about good music. And it is about claiming the national symbols against the right-wing minority. And it is about defining how we want to be as Germans.”


Marcus Sukiennik cites his influences as coming from artists such as Keith Jarret, Herbie Hancock and Ludovica Einaudi. We can hear these muses coming through in Sukiennik’s playing, and he stands shoulder to shoulder with these artists.

Drums at zZounds


‘Deutsche Nationalhymne’ was recorded during the Covid pandemic at Marcus Sukiennik’s home studio. Sukiennik is not only a talented musician but also a stunning producer. There is a warmth in the production that draws the listener in and holds our attention effortlessly.

Excelsior Hotel Ernst

Interestingly, Marcus Sukiennik has been performing at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne for the past 13 years. So if you are in the area, make sure to attend a performance; we would love to see Sukiennik live!

We are thrilled to have discovered Marcus Sukiennik and eagerly anticipate what he will do next!

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