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hcpebkfgmpncfppiWe have been lucky enough to review the upcoming release from the divine American artist, Mark Schirmacher. This 10 track release sees a collection of songs which have been carefully crafted and lovingly composed. 

‘Losing Things’ opens to the beautiful song, ‘Tomorrow’. First, we hear gorgeous strings which are playing long notes in harmony with one another. The acoustic guitar emerges from this foundation and guides the song in a new direction. There is a warm and welcoming feel to this track which takes the listener under its wing and carries them away to another place. Schirmacher’s vocals certainly aid this feeling. They are smooth and impactful in equal measures.

We adored the song, ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’. It is a rockier affair to what we have heard previously and has driving bass and drums. Schirmacher’s instantly recognisable voice is a comforting element which shines as the star of the piece. ‘Sleep’ features a gorgeously picked acoustic guitar. The tone of this guitar is magical and the producer has captured a well-balanced sound. There are also luscious female harmonies on this song which elevates the sound further.

‘Crazy Fool’ is a relatable working man’s song. We feel it will resonate with a lot of people. There are duelling guitars underpinning the vocals which dance around one another. They are playing separate parts but never get in one another’s way. This is a clever composition and is executed to perfection.

The final track is a reprise of the first song, ‘Tomorrow’. It is an instrumental version of the song we heard to begin the album. We love how this brings the album full circle and it gives the listener the impression that this is a full body of work. In a world where singles are the quick fix release, it is comforting to have a full, well-thought-out piece of work to enjoy.

There is clearly a very high level of musicianship on ‘Losing Things’. Each of the players executes their parts to perfection separately but also come together to create a piece of work that is contemporary yet will defy time. We can not recommend ‘Losing Things’ highly enough. Mark Schirmacher is a soulful and talented songwriter who is destined to have a hit on his hands with this album.

So make sure you put 13th September in your diary, ‘Losing Things’ is a classic album in the making!

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