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Marsy Mars – ‘Mars Lives’

‘Mars Lives’ is the superb debut album from artist, Marsy Mars. It is filled with intelligent and articulate rap performances, sitting on a foundation of intriguing backing instrumentation. It is an album that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

‘Mars Lives’ opens the album with an intriguing spoken-word introduction. The listener certainly feels as tho they are being taken on a journey into Mars’s world. We loved ‘As A Baby’, the layered and busy backing instrumentation gives the listener insight as to what is to come, and Marsy Mars rap is just as engaging and filled with vivid colour. The fast flowing lyrics are skilful and effortlessly flow from this talented artist. 

‘Mars Lives’ is an album intended to be listened to as an entire piece. It is hard to pick out individual tracks because of this, but we adored, ‘Who Remembers Martin Luther?’, ‘Over Mars’, and ‘The Revival of the Thiagos’. We also loved the mix and production of the album. There are layers of vocals which are double-tracked and panned in places; they give the lyrics room to shine in an excellent mix.

In the artist’s own words, “‘Mars Lives’ is an attempt to create something entirely unique in the history of hip-hop. Both melodic and progressive; an album in which all genres can shelter equally. Like a model of a finer society, with multiple melodies playing at once off one another, at once challenging and enriching each other.” He continues, “In that mix, I sought to tell stories of shift and change, of the traveller’s epiphany, of dumb, forceful youth, and the moral malandro, who seeks to do good in a way that much of the world resists.”

Released on Christmas day 2019, what a debut album this is! We can not wait to hear what Mars has planned to do next, and we are sure that he is an artist to look out for in 2020!

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  1. A stunning album that really takes you Ona journey. Who Remembers Martin Luther is amazing. Not to mentionReconstruction. Look forward to what comes next.

  2. Could not agree more, what a talent

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