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Martha Bean – ‘Along The Lonely’

‘Along The Lonely’ is the intoxicating latest single from Leicester based artist, Martha Bean. Taken from her new EP ‘Here Comes The Snowstorm’, this single is a charming and catchy release that is destined to be a hit with old and new fans alike. 

An electric guitar opens the single; it is engaging melodic and ear-catching. We adored Bean’s vocal performance. Rich in tone and texture, she expertly guides the song along, adding her unique trademark sound. 

The double bass and whispering drums are subtle but integral; they provide an exciting and solid foundation for the rest of the instrumentation from which to grow. We adored the many chord changes; they keep the piece feeling fresh and clean. The instrumentation builds during the second verse delivering an impactful performance. There is a violin that supports the backing vocals, and it creates texture within the piece. The intensity rises and falls with the violin, and the solo is hauntingly beautiful too. 

Bean explores conflicting emotions and uncomfortable truths during ‘Along The Lonely’. “We all need someone,” says Bean, “and that can be beautiful. But some people just want a ring on their finger and someone to moan at when they forget their anniversary. Is that ‘love’? Is that OK?” With hard-hitting lyrics and infectious melodies, Bean explores these themes succinctly. 

Citing her influences as Fionn Regan, Nilüfer Yanya, Nick Drake and Andy Shauf, they are in fine company with Bean. Her unique take on situations and her expression of feelings are captured beautifully during this single. 

So make sure you check out ‘Along The Lonely’ this weekend, it is a release that is destined to appear in your weekend playlist! 

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