Matt DeAngelis – ‘World I’m Comin’ For You’ EP Release

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Matt DeAngelis
Matt DeAngelis

Matt DeAngelis – ‘World I’m Comin’ For You’

Turnersville-based artist Matt DeAngelis has released the spellbinding EP ‘World I’m Comin’ For You’ in 2022. It is a classic pop release that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated this Spring.

The title track opens the EP; it is a great full band song that features unexpected twists and turns which keeps the listener on their toes. We adore DeAngelis’s warm and inviting vocals; they lead the track along beautifully.

‘Mile Down The Road’ is a standout song with relatable lyrics that reach out and touch the listener. The stunning guitar riffs add vivid colour to the piece too.

‘Maybe I’ closes the release and has the audience reaching for the repeat button. Matt DeAngelis is a troubadour of the highest calibre, and he is an artist on the rise.


DeAngelis says about the release, “I have been working on this EP for several years now, and I am inspired and determined to spread my unique genre and sound to people who have not yet discovered my music.” He continues, “My intent is to spread positivity and inspire people with my sound.” Objective achieved!

Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata

DeAngelis has worked with legendary musicians Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata (original members of Billy Joel’s band) on this superb EP. It was recorded at Iconic Cove City Sound Studios and co-produced by Casey Cavaliere. Together, they have created an EP that is a classic in the making and one that will stand the test of time.

Keyboards at zZounds

So make sure that you add ‘World I’m Comin’ For You’ to your playlist this weekend. At just 23 years old, DeAngelis is an artist who is just getting started, and we highly anticipate what he will do next.

‘World I’m Comin’ For You’ is available to stream now from the link below!

Guitars at zZounds

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