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MATTE! - 'Aurora' FV Music Blog
MATTE! – ‘Aurora’ – FV Music Blog

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MATTE! (AKA James Dinsdale) is an electronic music producer hailing from Southsea. His latest single ‘Aurora’ is a superb low-fi song that is destined to win the heart of its listeners in 2020. 


Stunning synths opens the release. They have a mysterious underlying tone which creates intrigue from the get-go. The rhythm section kicks in, and the song evolves along with the listener. We loved the thick sounding kick drum, which feels like the heartbeat of the track. 

The glitch nature of the single injects its unique character into the song. We love the mix, master and production of the track. Each of the varied and numerous instrumentation has their own space in the mix, and this leads to a balanced and harmonious feeling song. 

MATTE! - 'Aurora' FV Music Blog
MATTE! – ‘Aurora’ – FV Music Blog

EP News

‘Aurora’ was written and recorded at MATTE!’s home, during the coronavirus lockdown 2020. It is the first single to be released from the upcoming EP ‘Azure’. It features an enticing Lo-Fi House groove with lashings of distorted synths and chopped vocals. With a single as strong as ‘Aurora’, we can not wait to hear the full EP. Previously, MATTE! has released three singles in 2019. We will be spending the rest of today checking them out too! MATTE! is an exciting and innovative artist who is making waves in 2020.

So make sure you check out ‘Aurora’ this weekend. It is wonderful to hear the creativity that has come out of the current lockdown time that we find ourselves in. We are so excited to have discovered MATTE!’s sound, and we can not wait to hear what he will do next. Listen to ‘Aurora’ from the link below. 

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