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Meggie Brown
Meggie Brown

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Meggie Brown – ‘Journey of Goodbye’

London-based artist Meggie Brown has released her superb EP ‘Journey of Goodbye’, on 30th June 2020. It is an indie-pop classic that is making waves this summer. 

‘I said Salute Me’ opens the EP, the driving nature is apparent from the get-go. The catchy melodies instantly impact on the listener and are attention-grabbing. ‘Boys Boys Boys’ has a high energy feel again. The upbeat nature is just the tonic that we need at the moment. Punchy and driving, ‘Fast Coffee’ has a post-punk feel to it, that is filled with texture and colour. 

We adore the closing and title-track, ‘Journey of Goodbye’. Moving backing vocals open the piece, before a melodic bass and Brown’s charismatic vocals kick in. The full band sound enters and Brown masterfully guides the addictive song along. 


Brown says about the release, “‘Journey Of Goodbye’ was the song we ended on when the EP got written last year. A very different time. I almost don’t connect with any of it now. However, it feels like a goodbye to a lot of things, in a lot of ways. Last year was a time of being quite silly in a bedroom not really caring what came of it as long as we were having some fun. Almost mindless in that way.”

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“‘Journey of Goodbye’ felt different when it was written. Not that it wasn’t fun, but it was emotional. My mate from Deep Tan’s psychic told me this isn’t the way for me, and I now understand it’s something I’ve known in my gut, and it got confirmed. So guess I’ll share more when it’s time.”

Last year, Brown was named by The Guardian as one of the ‘Artists for 2020’. Brown has previously toured with Franz Ferdinand, Bodega, and Gossip. Also, she has worked with Alex Kapranos as a producer on her early single. Brown is a talented and expressive artist who is continually pushing forward, and we look forward to hearing what she will do next.

Until then, make sure you check out ‘Journey of Goodbye’ from the link below, Meggie Brown will have you reaching for the repeat button! 

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