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Michael Lane
Michael Lane – ‘Take It Slow’

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Michael Lane – ‘Take It Slow’

Hailing from Georgensgmünd in Germany, Michael Lane has released his brilliant folk-pop single ‘Take It Slow’ in June 2020.

A beautifully strummed acoustic guitar opens the release. Layered vocals soon join, and the single is in full flow. Lane’s atmospheric vocals gracefully guide the single along. The kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the song, stoic and keeping time relentlessly. We love the chorus, which features catchy melodies and a memorable hook. There is also a fantastic video which accompanies the release. It is the perfect accompaniment to this enticing single. 

About the Release

Michael Lane says, “‘Take It Slow’ describes many aspects of what really makes us who we are. Life doesn’t have to be a race to riches and success. It is not the physical that is the most important thing in life, but the spiritual that leads us home to ourselves. Clothing, money, our status in life are things that are not important for the heart and soul. It’s all a dream.”

Aside from music, Lane was a US soldier in his twenties. He was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and previous releases acted as a diary for Lane. However, ‘Take It Slow’ has helped him to regain his sense of ease and joy. Lane says, “The song is a message of hope and positive certainty that a time of crisis will lead people back to the important things.”

‘Take It Slow’ was released in mid-June, and is available to stream now. Michael Lane is an exciting artist who will make waves with this latest release. Lane is currently active as a songwriter for production music and as a music producer in his remote ‘Studio Waldblick. Also, we have added ‘Take It Slow’ to our FV Music Blog playlist, check it out below.

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