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Michel Stirner – ‘A Little Too Much’

‘A Little Too Much’ is the brilliant second release from Germany based artist, Michel Stirner. Stirner is a one-person band creating loops and building from humble beginnings. ‘A Little Too Much’ is catchy and addictive, a must-listen for any music lover.

Vocals and piano open the song, and instantly they demand the listener’s attention. Fleeting glimpses of a second piano and a bass can be heard during the first verse before the drums kick in. A compelling beat and growing synths all lay a solid foundation for the vocals to sit, and layers of character appear.

We loved the multiple vocals on the second chorus of the song and also the harmonies during the middle eight. Panned to either side of the sonic spectrum, they are thoroughly charming. Stirner’s vocals shine during the single, they captivate the essence of the song and deliver a thought-provoking performance.

New synths are born on the final chorus adding weight to the sudden ending. We loved the arrangement of ‘A Little Too Much,’ it keeps the listener on their toes, never knowing what to expect next.

As well as writing and performing the song, ‘A Little Too Much’ has also been produced by Stirner. He is a talented musician who has delivered a single which has a genuine honesty to it. Stirner injects his heart and soul into the lyrics and the performance, and the listener can feel this. Alongside excellent musicianship, this is a big part of his appeal.

Released officially today, ‘A Little Too Much’ is a song that is destined to appear on your weekend playlist! We can not wait to see what such an exciting artist as Stirner will do next!

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