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DIGIPAK templateWe have been completely blown away by the latest release from Mike Gale. ‘Summer Deluxe’ is a dreamy and spellbinding album from the beginning to the end.

‘Season Creep’ is a wonderful introduction to the album. The track stems from humble beginnings and soon grows. There are nature sounds to be heard in the background and synth keys to be enjoyed in the forefront of the mix. This is followed by ‘Rareearra’. The acoustic guitar shines on this track with inviting vocals and charming percussion on the chorus.

Our favourite tracks are ‘You Know How I’m Feeling Now’, for its darting synths and groove which has been built around them. It is a joyful and innovative song. The title track, ‘Summer Deluxe’ grows from a sampled beginning to an intelligent and layered piece of music. ‘Jump Start My Heart’ features a gorgeous chordal progression and relatable lyrics. We also adored, ‘Every Cloud Has A Cloudy Lining’. It is the longest song on the album and has inviting vocals that are underpinned by luscious strings. The harmonies are stunning and there is a change in tempo and feel which elevates the track further. Blissful.

This 11 track release is a masterclass in composition and production. The layers of musicianship which have gone into each track are mesmerising. Even the songs with stripped back instrumentation have a lot of depth and intrigue to them. All songs have been written, performed, mixed and produced by Mike Gale. Thus, showing his infinite abilities. The album was mastered by Tony Poole and the artwork provided by Andy Reaney. Their cumulative efforts have produced a piece of art that will stand the test of time and created a lucky gem for future generations to discover.

Having released 5 studio albums in 5 years, ‘Summer Deluxe’ is a piece of a rich musical tapestry. Having an impressive 14 albums in his back catalog, Mike Gale is a prolific songwriter and recording artist. After hearing this release we are thrilled to discover the previous albums too.

We have found our summer soundtrack in ‘Summer Deluxe’! Make sure you check it out too, you will not be disappointed!

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