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Mike Stoyanov

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Mike Stoyanov – ‘Star’

Hailing from London, musician Mike Stoyanov has released the excellent single ‘Star’ in February 2021. It is an alternative-rock release which needs to be heard!

A hard-hitting opening greets the listener. A stoic kick drum accompanies an infectious guitar riff, and together they lay the foundations for the charismatic vocals to shine. 

We adore the stripped back instrumentation which evolves before the listener. Mike Stoyanov takes the audience on a journey with ‘Star’. Also, the layered guitars and vocals inject their unique colour into the piece too. 

In addition, we found the chorus to be catchy, and it is one which will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. ‘Star’ is a must-add addition to your weekday playlist!


Stoyanov says about his music, “I really loved being in a band, hanging out, having beers and making music, but songwriting is so important to me. I could never have the same freedom to express myself in a band that I do as a solo artist. And, you know, once I get going I just can’t stop, I am on a mission to bring rock’n’roll back to the top of the charts, man.”

He continues, “You might say that’s a bit cocky from a guy who is just starting out, but I have been believing in myself forever, man. If I don’t believe who the f*ck would?” 

We thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Star’. Mike Stoyanov is a talented and exciting artist who is making a name for himself in 2021. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

‘Star’ is garage-rock at its finest. This is just the start of a significant solo career for Mike Stoyanov.

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