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‘Don’t Ask’ is the superb latest release by Miles Island. Hailing from Minneapolis, he is an artist who is filled with intrigue and this single is a brilliant representation of his work.

There is an unusual and mysterious opening to the single. A kick drum emerges into the sonic landscape, it is accompanied by layers of wonderful percussion. A superbly played electric guitar also shows itself here and they all come together to create a solid foundation for the vocals to spring from.

There is a late 1960’s quality to the vocal mix and performance. Filled with emotion the performance is stunning. The segments weave their way into one another, there is a swirling feel that engulfs the sound and the percussion becomes syncopated. The thick electric guitar riff soon comes to feel like a welcomed old friend. This all adds layers of texture to the piece and fills it with colour and character.

Miles Island’s real name is Jim Bjorklun. He is a brilliant songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. ‘Don’t Ask’ is the third single to be taken from his debut album, ‘Right As Rain’. Miles Island says, “‘Don’t Ask’, considers how the answers we seek can often be found by looking within, or to the world around us.” He continues, “This can be seen in nature, where the animals seem to have found answers for many of the questions that humans grapple with.”

There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. It was captured by Miles Island during a family trip to Tanzania in 2013. It is filled with magnificent images of animals in the wilderness, further enforcing Miles Island’s comments above.

So make sure you check out ‘Don’t Ask’ today! We can’t wait to delve into Miles Island’s back catalog!

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