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Hailing from Lexington in the USA, MIRAAGE is a hip-hop fusion artist who is making waves with the new single, ‘WILDFLOWER’.

firstly, an atmospheric opening greets the listener. There are jazz influences in the backing instrumentation which are gorgeous. MIRAAGE’s rapping vocals enter, and the single is in full flow. The rapping style is laid back and smoothly flowing. 

Lyrically, ‘WILDFLOWER’ is relatable and will resonate with many people. That is a big part of MIRAAGE’s charm. He is able to relate to the listeners and help them to feel less alone. In addition, we absolutely love the chorus, which has a thoroughly addictive hook that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 


Kendrick Lamar

MIRAAGE cites the primary influence for ‘WILDFLOWER’ as Kendrick Lamar. We can hear specific Lamar characteristics coming through on the release, but make no mistake; MIRAAGE is making music all of his own. MIRAAGE says about the release, “This song is really about how everyone is unique and growing at their own pace.” He continues, “This song is the essence of my growth; it’s only right to be entitled ‘Wildflower’.” It is an affecting single that leaves the listener thinking about it once the music has ended. 

This superb single was recorded in the artist’s home studio. We love the mix, master and production of the song. Each part of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix. Previously MIRRAAGE has opened up for Ekoh, and we are sure there will be many high profiled gigs to come following the release of ‘WILDFLOWER’.

So make sure you check out this exciting artist this week. In conclusion, MIRAAGE has created a cracking piece of art with ‘WILDFLOWER’, and we can not wait to hear what will come next. 

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  1. One of my absolute favorite artist. Music for the soul.

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