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Officially released on the 27th September 2019, ‘Boom Bomb’ is the superb latest single by Momoslimmaz. Hailing from Canada/Jamaica, Momoslimmaz’s infectious music is destined to reach your heart and get your body moving!

‘Boom Bomb’ is a music bomb, from the synth and vocal opening the track keeps the tempo up and vibe flowing throughout. There is a reggae feel to the track which lays the foundations for Momoslimmaz’s stunning vocal performance to grow from.

Momoslimmaz’s vocals are the shining star of the piece. The lyrics flow effortlessly demonstrating the talent she has. Intricate vocals are made to sound easy from her performance. This takes true skill and Momoslimmaz has it in abundance. The chorus is catchy and the listener looks forward to it coming back each time. 

There are lots of layered instrumentation underpinning the song. Subtle but integral, the synths are complex and plentiful. The bass synth is stoic and steady feeling like the heartbeat of the song. The high hats have a beautifully bright tone to them and they sit at the top of the mix.

The production on the single is also brilliant. Each of the many instruments have their own space in the mix and fits wonderfully. Delay has been added to the vocals towards the end and this offers a new dimension to the piece. The unrelenting sublime vocals feature at the front and everything works in harmony together. 

Want a tune to get this weekend started properly? We thoroughly recommend, ‘Boom Bomb’. Momoslimmaz is an artist who is just getting started and we can not wait to hear what she will release next!

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