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Monique Barry – ‘Gone + Eagles’

‘Gone + Eagles’ is the latest single by artist Monique Barry. The single encompasses two diverse yet brilliant songs in one superb single release.

A mysterious opening begins ‘Gone’. The song slowly evolves before the listener’s ears. Majestic synths play and are soon joined by drums, bass and Barry’s unique vocals. The bass is melodic and captivating while the drums stoically and gently march on in the background. Turbulence appears in the uneasy chordal progressions, but the listener feels safe in Barry’s vocal tone.

‘Eagles’ has an electronic beat which is beautifully juxtaposed to what we have previously heard in ‘Gone’. Sound pans from one side of the audio spectrum to the other and Barry’s unmistakable vocals are on hand to direct proceedings and add her unique style and class.

The first song, ‘Gone’, is described by Barry as “Exploration of emotional loss and betrayal experienced for the first time.” This track transcends into ‘Eagles’ which hears Barry’s voice becoming airborne. She describes the song as, “Taking the listener along on a creative search of freedom and defeat.”

Barry’s hauntingly beautiful vocals are unique and transport the listener to another place. Her voice is hypnotic, and she captivates the listeners and makes them feel safe in her hands. She leads them on a magical mystery journey that is unparalleled to anything we have heard. It is a brave move to put two separate singles together in one track. Barry’s skill and talent have let the two marry seamlessly, and the two work harmoniously together.

Hailing from Toronto, this special artist has created a beautiful piece of art with ‘Gone + Eagles’. We can not wait to hear what she will do in 2020!

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