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Monopoly Loser – ‘Cold Waves’

Another of our favourite artists is back! Monopoly Loser has released ‘Cold Waves’, a beautiful song filled with deep emotion and heart.

From a gentle opening, the song gracefully floats into the sonic spectrum. It is mysterious and full of brooding colour and depth. The vocals enter, and they are warm and welcoming; the listener feels safe in Monopoly Loser’s tones. There is also a violin that adds further character to the piece. 

There is a change in the feel of the chorus. The melody to the vocal line is being underpinned and reiterated by the instrumentation. This clever arrangement has been executed superbly by Monopoly loser. 

We adored Monopoly Loser’s vocal performance too. It is a delicate song with lyrics that demand respect in their performance. This has been achieved wonderfully. We were impressed with the lyrical content that is on display too. From heartfelt and earnest lyrics, in the beginning, the song has a change in tone towards the end. Lyrics such as, “The future is gone; there’s no tomorrow.” Needs to be delivered gently with tact in their tone, and this has been fully achieved. 

We also loved the mix, master and production of ‘Cold Waves’. The right balance has been struck with the instrumentation, so everything has its own space in the mix, and nothing gets overshadowed. This harmonious balance helps to elevate the song further. It all creates a solid foundation for the luscious vocals to shine bright. 

Hailing from Brussels, Monopoly Loser has an impressive back catalogue too! He is a musician who works hard and is continually evolving within his craft. So make sure you check out this superb artist today, you will not be disappointed. 

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