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Monopoly Loser – ‘High’

Released in 2018, ‘High’ is the captivating single by musician Monopoly Loser. It has a catchy chorus and inviting melodies that instantly wins the heart of its listeners. 

From a mysterious and atmospheric opening, synths fill the audio landscape. A piano playing a solo chord is heard, and Monopoly Loser’s wonderful voice appears. His tone is rich, warm and inviting. We adore the texture in his voice throughout the single. It begins low and luscious, as the chorus hits, his impressive range is in full flow. Catchy melodies engulf the listener and leaves them coming back for more. 

Once the kick drum enters, it establishes itself as the heartbeat of the song. It is the foundation from which other instrumentation grow from. The single beautifully evolves before the listener’s ears, and we are guided through many twists and turns. Always exciting, ‘High’ is filled with texture. From a full band sound, once the drums kick in, the majority of the instrumentation cuts away for the final verse before reentering for the last choruses. It is a a wonderful arrangement. 

Monopoly Loser says about ‘High’, “Sometimes, I close my eyes and go back to the days when I was a kid. Everything was so much easier. I dreamed days and nights how I become an adult. Now I dream that I’m a kid again. This is how High was born.”

Monopoly Loser is the brainchild of independent musician, Erik Deák. He was previously in the band doMani who split in 2013. Originally from the Ukraine/Hungary, he is now based in Liege, Belgium. His unique sound is perfect for any occasion, and we eagerly anticipate the release of his follow up single, ‘Cold Waves’ which is due for release on 3rd December 2019. 

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