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Montrell – ‘Magnets’

Montrell is an indie-rock band hailing from London and Leicester. Their latest single is a brilliant power-pop release that we thoroughly recommend checking out this winter 2020. 

Acoustic, electric and a gorgeous bass guitar open the release. As the layered vocals enter the scene is set as to what is to come. The catchy melodies are evident from the get-go and effortlessly draw the audience in. 

We adore the layered vocals which fill the sonic spectrum; they are filled with colour. The guitar solo takes the single into a fresh direction, continually keeping the listener on their toes!

‘Magnets’ vibe is addictive! In addition, we have added it to our FV Music Blog Spotify Playlist, check it out here! 

Montrell’s frontman Jonny Taylor says about the release, “It’s really about temptation and the resulting addiction, but it’s also about having that one person around who gets it and helps you through.” Deeply relatable, ‘Magnets’ is a song that reaches out and touches the audience. 

Jon Supran/Hugh Fielding

‘Magnets’ has been produced by Jon Supran and mixed by Hugh Fielding. We adore the end result; it is punchy and filled with heart. Together, the team have created a song that is intoxicating and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

We are so pleased to see that Montrell signed to Wixen (Neil Young, The Black Keys) in February 2020. They also released their lockdown single ‘Friends’, this year. We are sure that the 2020s are going to be a big decade for the band and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next. 

So make sure you add ‘Magnets’ to your playlist this week. Also, make a note of Montrell’s name, they are a band to watch!

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