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Morgalily - 'Crossfire'
Morgalily – ‘Crossfire’

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Morgalily – ‘Crossfire’

Hailing from Sacramento, musician Morgalily (AKA Morgan Wright) has released her excellent latest single ‘Crossfire’, in May 2020. It is a folk-pop song that will win Morgalily an army of new fans. 

There is an enticing vibe from the get-go. Firstly, Morgalily’s layered vocals are sumptuous and inviting. Her impressive range is apparent from the first verse. Secondly, we love the catchy melodies which fill the sonic spectrum. The guitar offers a new texture within the piece creating interest and interest too. Subsequently, we found the hook in the chorus to be thoroughly addictive, and it will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. 

Morgalily – ‘Crossfire’

Morgalily recorded the single in her apartment in Sacramento. However, she teamed up with her mixing engineer to record the vocals at his studio in Lotus, CA. They have done an excellent job in recording a single that is engaging and charming. 

Writing Process

Morgalily says, “I began writing songs in college, after taking a songwriting class and falling in love; I’ve been writing songs ever since then. I released my first single ‘Peppermint Gold’, in Spring of 2019.” Furthermore, when asked about ‘Crossfire’ Morgalily says, “This song was actually inspired by a true story. It was a late night in the city, and I had just finished watching a band play at a local venue. Unfortunate circumstances caught me in the middle of a gunfight. I wrote this song to wrap my head around a truly terrifying experience.”


So make sure you add ‘Crossfire’ to your weekday playlist. In short, it is an exciting song filled with heart and soul. Above all, we very much look forward to hearing what Morgalily will do next! 

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