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2c91efb325484eb843f67e04b184d5c7-Greenland+cover‘Greenland’ is the divine release by the supremely talented band, Mount Forel. Having been released in late May, ‘Greenland’ is primarily a song about climate change and hopefully finding a solution before it is too late.

The single begins to a rich wall of sound. We hear many rhythms and melodies creating a foundation for a rhythmic guitar to emerge from. The vocals enter and they demand the listeners’ attention. Powerful and engaging, the vocals remind us of Matt Bellamy of Muse. The backing vocals add layers of further texture and quality to the piece.

We adored the marching drums after the first chorus as they drive the song along. The mix of the percussion and the drums creates layers of interest. There is a big guitar solo that is skillful and accomplished in nature. The guitar sounds like a siren creating a call to arms. The bass also shines in the solo, it creates its own melody and dances around the guitar magically. There is also a must-see video that accompanies the release, we have included a link to it below.

Comprised of members, Pete Garner, Ross Thompson, Takaco Iida and, Andrew Wakatsuki-Robinson, Mount Forel are all extremely talented musicians. They have come together on ‘Greenland’ to create a stunning piece of art that carries a much-needed message.

Hailing from across the globe: Denver Colorado, The Wirral, Osaka, Northern Ireland, Dunedin New Zealand, Tokyo and Manchester to be precise, ‘Greenland’ is music with a message. It highlights that even tho this band lives in different parts of the world, we are all united by climate change. It affects everyone and something needs to be done to provide a solution. We just hope that the powers that be are listening.  

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