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Ms. M|CHL – ‘Anaxiphilia’

Music artist Ms. M|CHL is a songwriter who along with fellow musician David J. Moriarty have released the superb album, ‘Anaxiphilia’. It is an indie-rock release that needs to be heard!

Firstly, ‘Always You’ opens the release with driving melodies from the get-go. Secondly, it is engaging and enigmatic, captivating the listener. The changes in tempo creates texture within the piece, and Ms. M|CHL’s vocals are stunning. Also, we have added ‘Always You’ to our playlist which can be heard here.

Moreover, we adored ‘No Difference’, it has an enticing electric guitar opening, swiftly followed by Ms. M|CHL’s emotional vocals. Her voice is soulful and lyrics relatable. Most importantly, classic tracks such as ‘Come Back’ and ‘Until Then’ keep the album feeling fresh, and many of the songs have single potential. 



The duo says, “Ms. M|CHL’s writing style has always been autobiographical. ‘Anaxiphilia’ is a retelling of her journey through the struggles of falling in love, (more than once) to her detriment.”

“‘Anaxiphilia’ was recorded almost entirely at Magic Meat Studios in Venice, California. Along with Ms. M|CHL and David J. Moriarty, the wunderkind Jack Siege produced the album. The record was mixed by the incomparable Matt Appleton, and Mastered by the talented Frank Gagliardi of Fuselage Mastering.” Together, the team have done a fantastic job in creating a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

Ms. M|CHL met David J. Moriarty in Los Angeles in winter 2017. Together they shared similar musical tastes and aspirations and decided to collaborate. The result, ‘Anaxiphilia’. We are so excited to have discovered this release. In addition, it takes the listener on a journey and is thoroughly relatable throughout. 

Above all, make sure you check out ‘Anaxiphilia’ this week. It is an exciting release, and we look forward to hearing what will come next from this formidable duo.

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