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Mudbelly – ‘Mudbelly’

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Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Mudbelly is an alternative rock band whose debut self-titled album, is destined to make waves in the music scene.

We adored ‘On Fire’, it is energetic and driving from the get-go. The vocals are sultry and enticing with the backing instrumentation creating a layered foundation for the vocals to spring from. The stripped-back instrumentation let the vocals and relatable lyrics shine. We love how the song evolves with the listener too. ‘Bullet’ is a laid back tune with captivating melodies and gorgeous grooves. ‘Better Off Dead’ opens with a stoic kick drum which acts as the heartbeat of the song. The acoustic guitar gives a new edge to the track too. Also, we loved ‘Away’, it is a moving song with a rich tapestry. 

Mudbelly – ‘Mudbelly’

Mudbelly are a great group of musicians. They know when to pull back and when to go full throttle. The compositions and arrangements on ‘Mudbelly’ are exquisite. They are a talented group of musicians and when they come together; magic happens.

Lead singer Bex says about the release, “It’s a high energy, bluesy rock number and it was recorded mainly in our guitarist’s garage with ‘Away’ being recorded in Soup Studio, London (a super cool recording studio on an old light boat in the Thames).” ‘Mudbelly’ has been expertly engineered by the talented Thom O’Connor. Together, the team have done an excellent job in creating an attention-grabbing piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time. 

We are big fans of Mudbelly. They are innovating rock music for 2020, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next. Until then, make sure you check out this superb release today!

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