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Muddasheep - Marcela Bolívar
Muddasheep – Marcela Bolívar

Muddasheep – ‘Still Leben’

We have been blown away by the latest album release from Vienna-based artist Muddasheep. ‘Still Leben’ is a downtempo and ambient release that needs to be on your new music playlist this week.

The 14-track album opens with the song, ‘Mind Palace Elevator’ Feat H4ndy. It features a punchy beat and instantly enticing synths. We love the groove, which soon establishes itself and paves the way for what is to come.

‘Ascender’ is a standout song. An industrial feel greets the listener, and memorable melodies soon take the track’s reins. In addition, ‘Time of Death’ feat Taskbeenden is an emotional and moving piece. We adore the chordal progression, and the composers take the audience on a journey.

‘Skeleton Parade’ is an upbeat and compelling piece that has been intelligently composed with intuitive players and a gorgeous ebb and flow. It is a song that had us reaching for the repeat button!


Muddasheep says about the album’s recording, “All tracks of the album were created in my home studio, most of them while streaming live on Twitch. I’ve asked a dozen musicians to provide sounds and samples, so each song is a collaboration with a different artist.”

He continues, “These musicians are: H4ndy, Oleg, tipsheda, Ivoryocean. Pao, TaskBeenden, Maximiliano Galán Cid, LupusRex, Moonlyer, Mariya Nesmeyanova, Akim Boyko, SaimizZ, Funnycreature, Scruffy. The album cover was created by the incredible artist called Marcela Bolívar (” Together the team have created a fantastic album that will stand the test of time.

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Muddasheep is a talented and generous artist. On this album, he chose to work with experienced and non-experienced artists. He aimed to inspire a new generation of musicians to the possibilities of what they can achieve.

This uniques piece of art is a really special listen. Muddasheep is an innovative and driven artist who is destined to do significant things in 2022.

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