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We caught up with Bvrden following the release of their brilliant single of ‘Dangerous’. Read our full interview now!

Tell us about yourself?

We are Fabrizio and Valerio, two best friends born and raised in Rome. We’ve been knowing each other for a long time; our friendship started at the age of eight. We developed early on a strong attachment to music and formed our first band at the age of thirteen.

Writing music became our hobby, our passion, we were spending hours playing acoustic guitars and bass, singing, looking for new riffs and ideas. It was our world.

Since then, we’ve approached music in different ways, started to perform in different bands playing several genres, going from punk-rock to metal, to melodic-hardcore.

Those experiences gave us a whole new perspective, on how we wanted to see more than our just own city, to play and write as much as possible being inspired by different places. After many journeys and ups and downs, we found ourselves in London, a city that left a mark in music history, and in which we believe we can express our music at its best.

What sparked the Bvrden collaboration?

As previously mentioned, many years of listening, playing and writing music together have made us learning different instruments, to be able to self-produce our music. We’ve never stopped feeding our passion; our music kept growing. When we thought we were ready to finally take the next step, loaded with many songs and ideas, Bvrden was born.

What is your songwriting process?

All of it comes from a melody, usually a riff or a sequence of chords, that brings you to visually portray a song in your head and imagine the sound you want from it. The story and lyrics behind it have their roots on personal experiences, feelings that we believe can only be express through music.

We often arrange our choruses and ideas while recording at the same time, and as soon as the structure takes form, we let the vocal melodies and lyrics glue the song together, giving it life and meaning.

Tell us about your latest release ‘Dangerous’?

‘Dangerous’ was one of the very first songs we wrote once set foot in London. At first, it was an experiment; it was far from what we were used to play and produce. The song almost came out by itself, and the lyrics were inspired by a series of events that led one of us facing a challenging time in life, we wanted to express those feelings and frame them in a song.

What made you choose ‘Dangerous’ as your debut release?

We chose Dangerous because we thought was the song that best described the type of sound we were aiming for, we knew when the song was finished that we had something different in our hands, and we felt ‘Dangerous’ captured the vibes we now aspire to maintain.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

Our message is quite simple, we always use the example of the band main logo, the lotus, as it grows in mud and dirt, in a challenging habitat, to become however pure and graceful against all the adversities.

We believe that all of those experiences, struggles, victories, choices and downfalls of the everyday life we all live deserve to be expressed and shared, to create connections and build unique ways to communicate with people around the world, to comfortably ease those burdens we all carry.

To share this message, we found our language in our music, meant to be entertaining and reflective, for enjoyment and relief.

Who are your musical influences?

There have been many, over the years, for both of us individually and as band members, that have always shaped and moulded our songwriting process and performance experiences. We grew up listening to punk-rock music; it made us understand how important in some cases is the simplicity. You don’t need much, one guitar, one bass and drums and you can write tunes that will be stuck in your head forever, we went from there to more technical melodic-hardcore influences with bands such as Counterparts, Napoleon, Northlane.

From metal-core to pop, blues to punk, we respect in general a good tune that has good arrangements.

Nowadays, we are influenced by bands like Thrice, Oasis, Queens Of The Stone Age, early Panic! At The Disco, Foo Fighters.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

In this moment in time, the world is facing an important shift from what it used to be; we believe the biggest obstacle if you want to live playing music. You must have an artistic mindset that includes a dedicated songwriting process and time to work on improvement and quality.

Music has to be taken by personal preference, could be a fun thing to practice with every now and then, or it could become a mean for letting your thoughts out, a shelter where you feel comfortable, an idea to share with others. Everyone should do as it suits him/her best. For those who, like us, want to bring their music out, be consistent, determined.

Listen to plenty of music, different genres, different tones, and craft your own ideas and sound out of the inspirations and influences you grow to love.

What are your hopes for the next two years?

First would be building a strong connection with our fans. Everyone who enjoys and listens to our music will have an enormous impact in our artistic career; there’s nothing that fuels us more than that. Our music it’s born to be heard live, to be performed on a stage, and that’s where our hopes are for the near future.

In the meantime, we will keep writing music, producing it, releasing it, getting ready for when the time comes.

We are planning to release our second single by the end of December, and we can assure there will be more to come.

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