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Music Interview: Dalmas – ‘JHM’ Out Now!

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Manchester-based band Dalmas have released the brilliant single ‘JHM’ in January 2021. We caught up with them for an interview following the release. Enjoy below!

Tell us about yourself?

We are Dalmas, and we are a three-piece rock band from Manchester in the UK made up of George Farrar (drummer & singer), Augustus Clark (bass) and Jacob Maguire (guitar). We love the Chuckle Brothers, all music and front-man George loves Harry Potter! We have just released our new single ‘JHM’ which is available to stream on Spotify and all the other streaming services.

What is your songwriting process?

Our songwriting process really differs from song to song. A song like ‘JHM’ for example Jacob Brough the guitar riff into a rehearsal and we just played around it and had the basis of the song within about an hour. Other songs can take much longer though and a song like ‘In Too Deep’ George brought to the band as a finished song, so it really depends. Usually the music is written first as a band and then George goes away and writes the lyrics and melody.

Tell us about your latest release ‘JHM’?

Of course, Our new single ‘JHM’ which we have just released was actually recorded in February 2021 in George’s house in North Yorkshire. It was one of those songs that came together in about an hour; we find often, the best songs come that way. It’s one of those songs where you can really feel the passion, and you just have to go all out with a song like this, it’s got to hit people right in the gut, and I think we achieved out what we set out to do with this song, it is an out and out rock song. We also have a really rad music video we are releasing for it very soon.

We hear you are heading back into the studio with producer Dan Mizen to work on new music, can you tell us any more?

Yes, we are heading to York to record our next EP with Dan Mizen at Reel Recording Studios. We love working with Dan; he is almost like a fourth member. He really gets us as a band. We are super excited for everyone to hear these new tracks, there are some songs that people will instantly recognise as Dalmas songs and others that are totally different for us.

Pre-covid, what was the music scene like in Manchester?

Pre Covid the music scene in Manchester was great and still is! Although we can’t play live, there is still an awesome hub of musicians that are releasing some truly great music. Manchester’s music scene has produced some incredible bands, and Covid won’t stop that, it will just put a pause to live music.

Where would you most like to tour?

We’ll you run the car parks of Asda if it means we can play live again. No seriously, I think one place as a band we would love to tour is Western Europe, we have had a lot of support from countries likes Italy, Germany and France so it would be really awesome, not to mention thereat weather and food.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

That’s a great question; I don’t think we have ever really thought about that, we aren’t really a band that wants to make people think about their lives when they listen to us or make a big change to the world. We just want as many people as possible in the world to have a good time to our music. I guess I would hope our music gives people a sense of individuality. Just be yourself.

Who are your non-musical influences?

Our non musical influences: Harry Potter, The Chuckle Brothers, David Attenborough to name a few! Haha.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

I think honestly, the biggest obstacle for bands now is the same as it has always been, writing a great song. When you write a great song it is the greatest feeling in the world. We honestly believe if you have great tunes people will listen. It’s a life pursuit to keep writing your best song. That’s what really keeps us going.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

Advice to new bands: be yourself. Even if it seems like what you’re doing isn’t ‘in’ just keep going and if it sounds good to you there will be at least one other person that digs what you do, and it will snowball from there.

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