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David J
David J

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Hi David J, tell us about yourself?

My name is David J; I am an aspiring singer/songwriter located in Los Angeles/New York.

What is your songwriting process?

Songwriting is a healing process for me. It’s like going to a therapy session, but instead of talking to somebody, I write them down and hopefully put it together into something that resonates with me. Everything I write comes from different moments in my life, either good or bad; I want to capture the rawest emotions and put them into my song because that’s the most genuine to me.

Tell us about your latest release?

I am so humbled to put out my debut single ‘A Little Too Much’. I wrote this particular song based on experiences I tend to have the first time I meet somebody that I am fascinated or intrigued by. You know those times you get butterflies because you are a bit too excited, you just want to talk about anything and everything because you just want to carry the conversation and keep it flowing?

I think that’s so precious looking back because it shows the nuance of nervousness and anxiety I get whenever someone with a great sense of presence is in front of me, and I think this track is the perfect way for me to capture it.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

Growing up, I did not have anybody to talk to when I experienced something traumatic or negative. I bottled up my emotions and expressed them through my music. I want my music to be an outlet, that I didn’t have, for people who need somebody to talk to, and also for those who might feel alone.

Everything I write comes from a place deep in my heart. It is extremely healing for me, and I hope those words can apply to others as well in their own situations. I want people who listen to my music to know that they are not alone, that I’ve gone through similar experiences with them, and we can get through those tough moments together if we just keep fighting and keep living.

Who are your musical influences?

My biggest musical influence is Mariah Carey. When I was seven, I was sitting in the back of my mother’s car and listening to the CD that she bought. One of the songs that was played was Mariah Carey’s rendition of ‘Without You’. I didn’t understand what I meant, but I felt it, I felt the emotions and the feelings that she was trying to convey through her voice and musicality.

Later on, when I came to the US, I heard that song again, and it resonated so much more. She inspired me to be the songwriter that I am, and she will continue to inspire so many different artists, musicians, and human beings for the rest of time.

What is your funniest gig moment?

I remember back in high school; I had the craziest stage fright. I was so scared of embarrassing myself in front of other people. One time I was singing the national anthem for my school’s basketball team. I remember it was the last game of the season, and the coach asked me to sing for them. Right at the end of the anthem, my legs were shaking, and I knew it was going to affect my voice, so I finished the last word and just walked along with my leg shaking like nothing happened. Looking back, it was such a smooth movement that I was kind of proud of, but it was definitely a funny moment for me.

What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

The biggest obstacle of artists nowadays, I would think is the speed at which music is being produced. People have access to so much more these days, and the talents are expressed in so many different ways.

There are thousands of music uploaded to the Internet every single day, and people don’t necessarily have the time to sit with the music and appreciate the body of art that is being created by different people. That’s why I think, for me at least, it is so important to write songs that are genuine to you, in this case, me, so that I can move people and connect with them in the way that music could back in the day.

What are your hopes for the next two years?

There are definitely so much more projects on the way, and I cannot wait to share them when the time is right. I don’t have a very detailed deadline of how many singles I should put out or how many EPs I need to release. But I do know that they are definitely more contents to be released, and those are going to be some words that I need to say, some thoughts I need to express, and also a dream that needs to be fulfilled for that seven-year-old little boy sitting in the back of his mother’s car, dreaming about being a musician in the future.

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What inspired your latest release ‘A Little Too Much’?

All of the songs I write are there to capture moments in my life. I want to preserve the rawest emotions that I experience at different stages in my life. ‘A Little Too Much’ is inspired by moments. When I first meet somebody that I am fascinated by, the sense of anxiety just gets me. You get butterflies in your stomach; it’s a feeling that it’s almost out of your control.

I want to celebrate the flutter that you get when you’re so mesmerised by a person or people. For me, when I get nervous, sometimes I talk a little too much about anything and everything. And the feeling of ‘are they gonna like me’ or ‘did I say something that I shouldn’t have,’ is the exact essence I was inspired by.

We love the vibe of the single, where was it recorded and who produced and mastered it?

Thank you so much for liking the song. I wrote this earlier this year and put it aside and didn’t know what to do with it and how to finish it. And then, quarantine came around, which gave me a lot of free time to process a lot of different thoughts and emotions, and ground me in a place that I have never been before.

I wrote and recorded the track in my dorm room. Vocal production is something that I am extremely passionate about. There is something personal about it, and I want to keep the vocal side of music to myself. I later decided to put it together with my co-producer, Jad, who is amazing at what he does.

The song is mastered by Chris Gehringer, who in my opinion is one of the best. He mastered Mariah Carey’s album, and that says enough about his musical talent and sonic knowledge. I am truly grateful to them, bringing my vision to life.

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