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Musician DAYTONA STARSKY has released the brilliant single ‘SUPRALOVE’. We caught up with the Brookly-based artist for a full interview, enjoy now!

What is your earliest music memory?

My childhood was filled with music of all different kinds, so it’s virtually impossible to pinpoint one specific moment. It’s not exactly a memory, but there’s a theory that I was musically influenced before I was born. My dad was a musician and played in a band for a while and used to bring my mom to concerts all the time, even when she was pregnant. My mom always jokes and says I must have been impacted by the vibrations of those concerts prenatally.

Who or what got you into music?

Both my parents and stepfather were crazy collectors of music. I have always been thankful that I was exposed to so many styles and genres because the people who really got me into music were the artists and bands whose music connected with me. I was emulating these people who I was a fan of as a toddler. Around 6 or 7, my parents decided it was time for me to actually play music, and they got me a drum kit and a guitar. As soon as I knew how to play a little, I started to write my own stuff using my musical idols as guides.

Who influenced your latest release, ‘SUPRALOVE’?

SUPRALOVE is influenced by everyone who is digitally connected. It’s kind of a love song between Humans and Artificial Intelligence set in the future. During the course of the pandemic, this was a topic that I became obsessed with. Although most of us aren’t physically writing code and creating programs, most of us are still participants in these programs. Once I started to get a grasp of our society’s digital input, I started to get worried about what the consequences of the output would be, and I felt inspired to write a song about what it might be.

What draws you to the electronic-pop genre?

I hate snobby answers like this, but I really don’t pay attention to hard genre lines when I’m creating and kind of let an initial idea develop its own course under my overarching “style”. For SUPRALOVE in particular, I wanted to mirror the human vs computer aspect in the music by using a mix of digital and analogue instruments. The idea behind what I wanted to say, together with the instrumentation, unintentionally manifested itself in a more electronic-pop direction. I do find that this genre lends itself really well to sci-fi/futuristic stuff, which is what I’m all about.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I have to answer this with a transient answer because I know that two years from now I’ll have a completely different person in mind. Nonetheless, I think I would have to say Mark Ronson is the person who I would most like to work with. I believe he has magical powers and understands music and artists at a deep level. He is a master at bringing things out of the artists that he works with and is able to apply that across the board. It would be so interesting to witness what happened to my music and to see what he could bring out of me.

What’s your dream venue to play?

I have a recurring dream that I play a sold-out show at the PSV soccer stadium in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where I was born. Kind of like a once in a lifetime glorified homecoming concert where I play for the entire town, and everyone is emotional, and the mayor hands me a key to the city, and so on. Obviously, dreams can blow things out of proportion very easily, but I like seeing it as setting the bar really high just to see how close I can get.

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

I studied emerging technology and media in college and really enjoyed learning about the endless possibilities that technology provides. I want to push boundaries, and that’s why I’ve been focussed on incorporating aspects of this into my music as much as possible. For example, for ‘SUPRALOVE’, I created M.O.Di, an A.I. that remixes the song and every time you let it play, it creates a completely unique version of the song. I also made an Instagram Story filter for anyone to use as a way to promote the song.

Other than that, my mom is a seamstress and boutique fashion designer, and my stepdad runs a merchandising and textile printing company, so I’ve always had a relationship with fashion. I’ve really started to try and use fashion as a way to enhance my product as an artist, and I can tell you now that you’ll be seeing more of Daytona Starsky in the space of fashion, especially in the realm of sustainability.

What’s the music scene like in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn has always birthed and nurtured new and innovative music and artists. I think it’s a place that creatives are attracted to because it’s home to so many cultures and styles, and all of them are celebrated in their own way; it truly is a melting pot brewing up inspiration. What I’m also a fan of is the fact that there is a lot of competition and artists are really challenged to always produce at their best.

What changes would you like to see in the music business?

The digital revolution is simplifying the path from idea conception to reception. In the music industry, this has had a bittersweet effect as it’s given the artist a much easier way to showcase their work and get it played around the world, but it’s also become super convoluted for that same reason. There is a feedback loop causing people to follow trends and virality, and a bunch of institutional capital is reinforcing it. I try to pay attention to artists in all fields that are really creative in promoting themselves and aren’t looking just to get signed by a major label. Creativity is usually at it’s purest at the fringes, so I would like to see more emphasis on expanding the fringes.

If you could choose one thing for fans to take away from your music, what would it be?

I want my fans to be comfortable expecting the unexpected. My biggest musical inspirations, like David Bowie and Andre 3000, for example, never followed a predictable path and always had the ability to pleasantly stun the audience. I treat every detail of my art with a lot of care and actively try to avoid repetition; rather, I focus on challenging myself into exploring uncharted territory in a way that can be palatable to the masses.

Have you started working on your next release?

Yes! My next release is a single called ‘Gasoline’, and it is coming out in early April. I’m super excited because we’ve created a super cinematic video for it and the track itself is fire, no future-pun intended. It’s a groovy track with a cool bass line that I think people can dance to. I wanted to do something more upbeat to help people get out of the Covid winter rut.

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