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Disco Kane

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We caught up with Disco Kane, following the stunning release of ‘Hollywood’. Read the full interview today!

Hi Disco Kane, how did you get together?

Raoul: This past year we had plenty time on our hands during the lockdown, so we revisited an old song we wrote as a joke a few years ago (we have been together in many bands for about ten years). We recorded it, changed the lyrics (that were wildly inappropriate) and it ended up being ‘Hollywood’.

Having that song as a template, we kept recording and collaborating remotely, each one in his own home studio. Before the year ended, we, had about 20 songs and decided to drop the best half as an album.

Who influenced your latest release ‘Hollywood’?

Trevi: Red Hot Chili Peppers. This song could easily fit in any of their post-Stadium Aarcadium albums; I like to think.

‘Hollywood’ is alternative-rock; what draws you to the genre?

Cous: We grew up listening to this music genre, so I think that’s a reason.

You have been writing and recording separately, how does that work between the three of you?

Cous: That’s a good one. It has been great because we are lucky to live in this time where there’s the internet, and we have lots of possibilities to record and work from home and send that work just with a click.

Raoul: For us, it has been better than working out songs in person. Rock music is in large an interpretative art form. You turn into an audio track whatever you were able to play in the studio. Maybe with a couple of details added afterwards. Our songs are audio tracks from their inception.

Disco Kane has never rehearsed or played live. We are not treating the pro tools session as a means to get a song recorded but as another instrument. The rules of the songs are not determined by what we can play, but by how we manipulate, chop, reverse or screw the audio we record. That’s pretty standard in some genres like IDM or Hip-hop but is neglected in rock.

I believe Tame Impala’s recording approach is somewhat similar since Kevin parker is the one who records and produces everything. That might be a very important factor in the freshness of Tame Impala’s sound. And in the weirdness of Disco Kane’s sound as well.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Raoul: Tame Impala

Trevi: Dua Lipa

Cous: I’d be willing to collaborate with anyone who wants to collaborate with us. If I had to drop a name that would be Dave Grohl.

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

Cous: Collecting stuff like figures and retro gaming.

Trevi: Video games and Books.

Raoul: Books as well.

What changes would you like to see in the music business?

Raoul: I’d like more artists took a DIY approach when it comes to recording and marketing music. You don’t need to do everything yourself but can hire people to provide those services as opposed to sign to a label and adding a middle man to everything.

Look at artists like Russ who made it big and don’t have to split a dime with anybody who’s not directly related to his art. Not everything about labels is bad tho. Labels can be a great luxury if all you want to do is make music and pretty much don’t care for nothing else.

Cous: Also, Respect and more support to different musical genres.

How do you feel about how the internet plays a role in the music business today?

Cous: Good, because it’s easier to put your music out there, but on the other hand I think it could affect music as we know it in a live scenario, especially in this pandemic times where musicians are giving shows online. I’m hoping no one gets used to that haha.

Trevi: It’s great. We believe it’s the best way to reach people from all around the world, also as having all kind of resources available to improve as a musician or composer.

If you could choose one thing for fans to take away from your music, what would it be?

Raoul: We create our music in isolation. Our songs come from loneliness. I would like them to see that great and beautiful things can grow in the lonely places, in the dark. Don’t neglect the shadows; they also tell good stories.

Trevi: Also, may they always remember us.

Your debut album is due for release in March 2021, can you tell us any more about the release?

Cous: I’m really excited about it and hope that many people enjoy our music.

Raoul: I wrote the lyrics for all the songs, and they are all part of a story and partly autobiographical. The main characters are “Dan and Amy”, a couple of aspiring actors coping with loneliness, addiction and the veil of failure over their life experiences.

We are releasing the album in 3 parts: 3 Eps with three songs each. The first EP will be released on February 1st, and the other two will follow soon. The album as a whole will have eight songs from the EPs and two other songs serving as bookends of the story within the album. Hope to talk to you about the whole album soon.

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