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We were lucky enough to catch up with Paul and Joel from Eckotrigger, following he superb release of ‘Collide’. Read the full interview now!

How did Eckotrigger get together?

​Paul: We met in London through an advert that I placed on London Gumtree Musicians wanted, looking for a singer and co-writer and Joel was one of 3 people who applied and basically, he was the person I just thought ‘yeah, he seems a sound guy who fits the advert description down to the letter’! We then just starting working on some song ideas I had which proved that we had made the right choice of each other.

Joel: I also felt we were on the same wavelength of both having backgrounds in rock bands and wanting to try something a little different and be more experimental.

What is the first song that captured your attention as a youngster?

Joel: For me, it was ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson!

Paul: ‘The Sun Always Shines On TV’ by A-ha – a great song!

Who influenced your latest release ‘Collide’?

Paul: ​For the music, it was as usual Depeche Mode, but I could hear a guitar riff in there, so I always think of a simple but effective riff, and I am influenced there in the style of The Edge.

Joel: I learnt a lot during the making of this song and started to bring more baritone into my singing and was influenced by the likes of Nick Cave, Dave Gahan and Tom Smith.

In 2017 you released the EP ‘When The World Turns Out Its Lights’, does ‘Collide’ relate to the previous release?

Paul: No, ‘Collide’ is the first song to illustrate our rebranding into Eckotrigger. It has a more mature and refined sound, but still with the basic foundations of our first Ep sound.

Joel: ‘Collide’ is definitely the start of the ‘new sound’ of Eckotrigger.

We hear there is a video in the pipeline to accompany this release, can you tell us any more?

Paul: It was a very challenging video to complete! It was filmed during the lockdown which had its challenges of arranging dates to actually film, but on top of that, there were problems with the lead actors right up to 2 days before filming we had a new 3rd actor taking the role. The video is very ‘in your face’ and deals with some very difficult scenes of substance abuse and desperation. I am sure that some people will be uncomfortable watching it, but that’s ok with me. A good music video should make an impact.

Joel: Indeed, it is quite something and can be found on our website and YouTube channel.

What motivates you to make music?

Joel: It is a positive outlet for me and gives me a chance to say things I otherwise don’t feel I could say and show emotions. I also love the creating process!

Paul: My main motivation is the need to express all my inner thoughts and emotions in the best way I know-how. I guess it’s like a drug – I need to have a fix and high, and if I don’t, then I do suffer. I am a deep thinker and cynical by nature, and making music is an outlet for that too.

What are your other passions aside from music?

Paul: The only other passion I have is my family – my daughter and partner. Writing music and listening to music is my passion and solace.

Joel: I enjoy keeping active and travel too!

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be? ​

Paul: That the majority of labels are not just fixated on money and a quick return on their investment in the artists. They need to ‘take a punt’ and believe that the artist will grow a fanbase in time with the right support.

Joel: Get rid of all the competition X-Factor type shows.

What is the best music advice you have ever been given?

Joel: To stay true to yourself. ​

Paul: Quite simply, just believe in what you are making and if it moves you emotionally, then what you are doing is right.

What new music are you listening to at the moment?

Paul: Unfortunately, there is no new music that I am listening to that grabs my attention. However, my seven-year-old daughter plays Little Mix often in the house, so I guess I am listening to their new album a lot at the moment!

Joel: I am listening to quite a lot of electronic/rock/metal crossover at the moment and a few new electronic bands.

What musical plans do you have for the next two years?

​Paul: To continue to write and finish recording many songs; sign with a label that we feel encapsulates what we are about musically; grow our fanbase.

Joel: Yes, we have a lot of new material in various stages, so new releases and once really possible again get out playing live.

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