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Tell us about yourself?

I am 18 years old and am from Somerset in the South West. I’ve always been interested in music and playing around with it, but in the past year, it’s become much more than that. I love seeing the fans excited and f*cking my music!

What is your songwriting process?

My songwriting process can sometimes be a weird one. I might pull up a beat, put a freestyle of noise on there and not fck with it. But then I come back a couple of months later like oh sh*t this is heat.

I tend to follow the same process of pulling up beats until one of them pulls me in and makes me feel something. Then it’s the case of a freestyle and adding lyrics into flows.

Tell us about your latest release?

‘LATE NIGHTS’ is my debut album. This project means so much to me as each layer and song has so much depth and meaning. I’ve been working for over a year to really improve my sound and give the fans something to be excited about.

I feel like in today’s society, there’s a lot of pain and struggle, so I wanted to make something that could connect with everyone and make them happy. All the vibes on the album are an emotion of what I’ve felt throughout my life.

If I could describe ‘LATE NIGHTS’ I’d say a rollercoaster of events, which begin as excitement and happiness and then leads to conflict anger and distress, and then to realisation and reflection.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

I want the fans to know that in life, there are hard moments, but we all get stronger. I really like to portray that mental health is such a big issue, and you should never be afraid to let your feelings out to the world.

I also portray the message of being a young kid and just enjoying his life, f*ck it, let’s rage!

Who are your musical influences?

I got a lot of musical influences. In terms of influencing my style of music, I have to say, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, Denzel Curry and Trippie Redd.

All of these guys are so talented and bring so many different vibes to the table. All so full of energy, and I feel they influence me to bring that energy into my life and spread it to others.

Who are your non-musical influences?

I’ve got to say, my dad. My dad, unfortunately, lost his battle with mental health back in 2017, and that moment changed my perspective of life.

He inspires me to push hard for my dreams and to not give a fuck what anyone thinks, just to be yourself. I’m trying to make him proud, and I’m hoping this is a good way of doing so. So yeh, love you dad.

What’s the best gig that you have ever played?

I haven’t actually had the chance to play a gig yet. My style of music can’t be performed just anywhere. I’m waiting for the right time to wild out with my fans.

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What do you think are the biggest obstacles for bands/artists today?

I think in today’s industry, the biggest struggle for smaller artists is the low funding. It’s so hard to compete with big artists or grow without the funds backing you. That’s why I really like the idea of being with a label. Best choice I’ve made in my time for sure. Shoutout Farrelly Productions.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

Keep chasing the dream. I’m still starting out myself, but the only way I got to this point was to keep grinding, keep hustling and stay motivated. Sh*t’s tough but we all gotta push through the bad times.

What are your hopes for the next two years?

In the next two years I would like to have dropped another two albums…maybe move to America….play a festival…. And to have a feature from one of my musical influences!

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