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We caught up with Italy based band IDEAS INTO ACTION for an interview following the release of their brilliant single ‘Against My Country’. Enjoy now!

Who or what got you into music?

“Passion is the main driving force”. As teenagers, we started to play cover songs of Nofx Lagwagon Blink182 Offspring & so on. We also used to play some rock-alternative & grungy songs.

You are an Italian based Melodic Punk band, what’s the music scene like in Venice?

In Venice, we have a festival every year called Venice HC. So there is no real Melodic Punk scene anymore. There is a mix of it: Punk HC, Post-Punk, Stoner, Classic Punk Rock etc.

You have a forthcoming album entitled ‘Make Think’, can you tell us any more about the release?

Our album ‘Make Think’ is going to be a Wake-Up call for people who forgot to think & accepted everything comes out from the media & internet too. 

It is also connected with the disappointment about our governments & the hypocrisy of our politicians. The perfect formula for a Nonsense Society.

What is your favourite song to play live?

The song we love to play most live is Losing Time (2nd single).

How do you feel about how the internet plays a role in the music business today?

The internet nowadays can give a lot of opportunities, but without Live shows, it is very hard for every artist/musician.

You performed at Southside Festival in Germany, what was that like? 

Southside Festival 2019 in Germany was a great experience & we got the chance to meet a lot of musicians (also watching the performance of Foo Fighters, Me First & GG, Papa Roach etc.).

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

Beyond music, we can say that we are all travellers & we need to keep moving & live new experiences around the planet.

Have you started working on your next release?

We are working on a couple of new singles & we definitely like to collaborate with some Hip-Hop / Rap musicians to get something different & reach a new audience.

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