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Joe & The Anchor are an up and coming indie-pop band hailing from Sweden. Their latest release ‘Lou Lou’ is making waves this autumn. Read our full interview today!

Hi Joe & The Anchor, Tell us about yourselves?

We’re four childhood friends (literally) who decided to make music together under the name Joe & The Anchor, or JATA. We live very different lives, but we all have music as our main focus, and that’s why we love our band and what we create together.

Tell us about your latest release ‘Lou Lou’?

‘Lou Lou’ is special to us. It’s the first song we’ve produced ourselves. Everything you hear was recorded in our singer Joakim’s home studio, and that process felt very organic and honest to us, just like the lyrics of the song that are very honest and genuine.

The song was written in under one hour in the middle of the night, and it describes that feeling of reminiscing about a relationship that ended too fast and you’re just kinda thinking out loud of what could have happened and what you had, not necessarily bad, but more honest.

What message do you think your music conveys to your fans?

We hope that our music is a mix of unlimited energy for those who just feel like dancing, a mix of feel-good for those who just want to relax to something cosy, and heartfelt for the romantics – but mainly we hope our music is relatable and can inspire and give hope to those who need it.

You’re from Malmö in Sweden, what’s the music scene like there?

The music scene in Malmö and Sweden is very active. We started out when we were teens and got a lot of help from different organisations who help newly started artists break into the music industry.

There are a lot of different bands and artist emerging from here, and it’s so inspiring to share the scene with a lot of creative people.

You have an upcoming EP’ Blue – due for release, can you tell us any more about the release?

‘Blue’ is our second Ep, and it consists of the best songs we’ve written so far. Blue is transparent, genuine, honest, and every song is a bop, and we can’t wait until we can share it!

Your cover of The 1975’s song’ If you’re too shy (let me know)’ has amassed over 40k views on YouTube, what sparked the cover of that song in particular?

Not everyone knows about this, but we actually started out as an indie-rock band, that’s where our roots are. So when we heard The 1975’s new hit song, we instantly fell in love with it, and we decided to put our spin to it. We had no idea how popular it would be!

We see you have had your first fan tattoo, what was it of? Is it safe to ask where it was placed?

It was a tattoo of an anchor and our lead singers name ‘JOE’. And it was fortunately placed on the arm and not anywhere else!

Who are your non-musical influences?

It’s a bunch of different people. But mainly people who’ve been able to overcome obstacles on their journey but still kept going. We like self-motivation, and it inspires us to keep going and always look at life and our career with optimism.

What advice would you give to other bands/artists starting out?

To really love what you’re doing, surround yourself with inspiring people, only work with people you like, don’t stress yourself out, make small goals and take baby steps, and eventually, those steps will grow and so will your goals and you!

What are your hopes for the next two years?

We hope to be able to play more shows next year, due to covid it hasn’t really happened. Can’t wait until we play in front of a bunch of people again; it’s the best thing. We also, of course, hope we’ll keep growing and that our EP ‘BLUE’ will be the start of something good.

Also, due to the pandemic, we’ve been able to focus a lot on writing new songs, and we have a lot of new good ones that we hope will turn in to our first album, and once that’s out, hopefully, we can tour!

Basically, there’s a lot we want to do, and we’ll try our best to make it happen!

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