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We interviewed LAZER BEAM after the stunning release of ‘Sno Burn’, enjoy now!

What is your earliest music memory?

My earliest music memory is watching my dad, and his friend Steve McAulay stay up through the night recording this little project called Lathropes Title. Sonically it was similar to Tones On Tail. I think these early memories and introductions really shaped my taste.

Who or what got you into music?

My dad definitely got me into music the most. Kids at school would make fun of my parents for having tattoos and long hair, listening to rock music. So I grew up thinking music was bad and some sort of taboo subject.

Not until I started getting older and not caring what other people think of me. Now I embrace that punk rock and grunge is what I grew up with, and I should be proud of it. I wish I would’ve brought it up to him; he probably would’ve got me to accept that earlier.

Who influenced your latest release, ‘Sno Burn’?

I wrote this song over eight years ago when I was in high school, and I was listening to a lot of Desert Sessions and Brant Bjork at that time in my life. I had discovered all the Desert bands at that time, from you guessed it… My dad’s collection. (I would secretly take his CD’s and rip all the songs onto my PlayStation and secretly return the CD’s without him noticing.)

‘Sno Burn’ is the second single to be taken from your debut album. Can you tell us any more about the release?

Well… The next single is a really heavy trip. It was recorded in the woods in the dead of night with no lights, no other people. Just me and the wild. It turned out really heavy and dark. I let my inner mind really take control over that. Otherwise, the rest of the album is really a collection of my favourite songs I’ve wrote since recording Burn Thee Insects in 2015.

Sonically some are very different from each other, and the topics vary from witnessing drug abuse, alcoholism, getting beat up, and getting dumped. It’s almost like a compilation of my brain and how I’ve evolved… Haha! Most of it was recorded with Chris Hughes (Stereo Lunch Production) at 513 Studios in Tempe, AZ. He called me in while I was living on the street and dishwashing full time. We spent two days total to record and put the album together.

What’s the music scene like in Phoenix?

It’s good as far as I can tell; I’ve been to some banger shows like Doll Skin at the Pub Rock, Brant Bjork & Stinkeye at Club Red; I also discovered Royal Thunder at Club Red as well.

Plenty of great shows on the nightly at the Nile Theatre in Mesa, and don’t forget the (Hopefully now annual) Plannet Mammoth Weekend at Yucca Tap Room. As for myself, though, I’m still trying to meet more people in the Phoenix rock scene. I’m still very unknown down there.

What draws you to the grunge genre?

I always liked the heavy guitars, the chorus effect, and the emphasis on melody. A lot of the music I write is rich with melody. Something my dad said always resonated with me. He told me even though Kurt Cobain might not be the best player technically; he can out write almost anyone in the world. And I take that to heart. Cobain might not be my favourite, but that frame of mind really made me appreciate early QOTSA, and early Black Keys as well.

What’s your dream venue to play?

Size wise I want to play Hellfest in France like I saw Fu Manchu play a few years ago. That would be so cool… Otherwise, a lot of my friends put together all these great shows that I want to play too. (Monolith on the Mesa, Planet rock revolution Vegas, Beers in Hell, Maryland Doom fest, Doomed and Stoned Fest… Stuff like that matters just as much)

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about racing. I love anything with an engine. My buddy and I, when I was just out of high school, wanted to turn my daily driver into a bomber dirt track car and join our local circuit. I didn’t know enough about cars at that point of my life to do it anyways. And it was too expensive for my 7$ an hour wage at the time..! I stick to motorcycles now and do have a Suzuki SV650 track bike that I take to Arizona Motorsports park from time to time.

What changes would you like to see in the music business?

Almost nothing… I appreciate how easy it is to get my music out nowadays. It really seems like if its good music, you really have control of your destiny. (Mostly) There are some things where I wish I knew more about how some artists get onto editorial playlists, but I think that will come with experience. So far, it really seems like my destiny is in my own hands. Seems like the harder I work, the more people listen, and I like that.

How do you feel about how the internet plays a role in the music business today?

It’s huge.. The ability to share your music into groups of thousands is really the difference maker from yesterday times to today. If it’s good, people will show you love.

What is your favourite song to play live?

I use to playThe Sky is Fallin’ & ‘Avon’ by Qotsa with my high school band, which brings back great memories. These days I like to play this song In The Moonlight. It’s a punk rock song with a huge soft fuzzy sound to it. Totally my style…

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