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Lexy Lemonade

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We were fortunate enough to catch up with the superb Bloomfield-based artist Lexi Lemonade, following the release of the excellent single ‘How Could I’. Enjoy the full interview below!

How did you first get into music?

I feel music has always been a large part of my life growing up. My dad taught my siblings and I all about music from the time we exited the womb. When I was in Middle/ High school, my brother would be in his room for hours producing and recording songs of his own.

When I got to college, I finally said f-it, and decided to try it out myself. I was always the shy kid growing up but always dreamed of making songs and music videos. So here’s to making my dreams a reality!

What is the first song that captured your attention as a youngster?

Oh man, this is a little difficult because I listened to SO MUCH Music growing up, but I would have to say Michael Jackson – Billie Jean was probably one of the top five.

I also liked George Michael – ‘Faith’. I sung that song every day for years!

Who influenced your latest release, ‘How Could I’?

In the past, I’ve had a hard time letting people go who ultimately weren’t the best for me at the moment. Whether it would be friendships or relationships.

One day I realized that by doing so I was not only doing a disservice to myself——”how could I love you if I couldn’t even love myself”, but I was also hurting them in the process.

In order to get the relationships we want (platonic or romantic), we have to get to a point where we love ourselves fully. So that we can attract the kind of people that we want in our lives, and at the same time honour ourselves and our boundaries so that we can form healthy, authentic relationships.

‘How Could I’ was produced by A.King & Misaonthekeys, what sparked this collaboration?

This collaboration definitely happened by chance! At the time, I was at the studio working on music weekly, and I met A.King through my main engineer/producer MisaOnTheKeys.

I remember one day asking him if he produced music and that I had this emotional song that I wanted to create. From that moment on, we worked hard to create the perfect production for this song.

Your previous single ‘Drip’ was featured on various platforms such as Women of Substance radio, Chill pill radio, Women in Music, are you a big champion of women in music?

Oh, definitely yes! While I don’t discriminate (men), I always love to see a woman on stage killing it!

So many women inspire me. I feel like growing up, I’ve heard so many comments on what women should or shouldn’t do or what they can do.

I feel like women in music, using their voice and their talents to express themselves authentically and unapologetically is almost revolutionary in a sense.

What motivates you to make music?

Music is my creative expression. It’s an outlet for me. Sometimes it’s my therapy; when I’m too much in my head or feel like the world is still, I can grab a pen or my notepad and let out all my thoughts and emotions. Music brings me so much joy, so being able to create it is like the icing on the cake.

What draws you towards making synth-pop music?

I like a large variety of music, hip hop, r&b, pop, dubstep, electronic, etc. So when I started making music, I just really started experimenting with the sounds. I like music that sounds unique and ultimately feels authentic to me.

What are your other passions aside from music?

I have a love for fashion and photography. I Co-own a fashion line SABAA Elite ( with my spouse, and we work on all of the designs together.

As for photography, it’s something I’ve been interested in since I was in high school…where I first learned how to develop film in a dark room. Now I kind of just dabble in it here and there. I take a lot of the photos for SABAA and sometimes will take self-portraits in my apartment.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would definitely love to see more women engineers, producers, and more women behind the scenes. I feel I rarely see women in these spaces and have yet to come across one.

What is the best music advice you have ever been given?

This is a weird one, but if you have a fear of doing something, then there’s a high chance you should be doing it. I was a shy kid growing up, so it took me a long time to get to where I am now, but the only way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone.

What new music are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m currently loving Ariana Grande’s newest release ‘Positions’. I also really like Machinedrum’s new album ‘A View of U’.

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