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Lily Lewis

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We caught up with musician Lily Lewis following the brilliant release of ‘Radio Silence’. Read the full interview now!

What is your earliest music memory?

I love this question! As a child, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by music, so I have tons of early memories of music. One of my favourites was when I was maybe nine years old, my piano teacher was a professor at UCSB, and he brought me into his college class. I got to meet a bunch of musicians and, it was pretty cool being a nine-year-old in this college class. That’s where I learned my first blues scale!

Who or what got you into music?

My mom. 100%. She started me on piano when I was about four years old, and I remember I hated practising. I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike with the neighbours until I practised, so that got me to do it. I’m so thankful for her, she really pushed me as a kid to sit down and get to it, and it made a huge difference.

Who influenced your latest release ‘Radio Silence’?

MY GIRL-STEVIE NICKS. My dream collaboration. I wanted Radio Silence to sound like Stevie Nicks had a pop baby.

You say that ‘Radio Silence’ is an awakening for you, in what way?

I’ve spent my whole career working under a manager or a producer, or with a band. Being with other people in a project had a heavy influence on what I sounded like, and even how I dressed. Radio Silence is the first song I’ve released that is authentic to me. I didn’t show skin in the cover art, and the song isn’t sexy. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be. I feel in control of my project, and it’s the greatest feeling.

At 17 you moved to LA to join a band, what was that like?

That was terrifying at first, but also really exciting. I couldn’t believe my parents let me do it, but they’ve always been so supportive of my career. I guess it wasn’t that big of a surprise. I moved to Encino and lived with one of my then-manager’s friends, and we got to work. The band reheard for probably 6 hours a day. It was gruelling and an incredibly rewarding time.

Your debut single ‘VCR’ amassed over 150,000 streams, what does that feel like?

That was a huge surprise to me. As an independent artist, I was warned that my first single might not do well, and that’s okay because there will be growth as I release more music. When VCR hit 150,000, I was shocked. It was a great feeling and a positive affirmation that the music I make might touch someone else.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Julia Michaels. I think she’s such an incredible artist and writer. The way she can make the simplest sentences hit you like nothing else ever has is a magical talent that I can only hope to understand !!

What’s your dream venue to play?

Madison Square Garden!! It’s such a gorgeous and iconic venue. It’s been my dream since I was a kid to perform there. That would be a huge milestone for me.

Other than music, what are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about science and math! I’m actually working on a Neuroscience degree as we speak… my passion project that I’ve been slowly chipping away at over the years.

What changes would you like to see in the music business?

I would love for musicians and writers to be more in charge… It feels like accountants run the business, where we should have more of a say. I want Spotify to pay us a liveable wage, and I think that starts with a shift in power.

How do you feel about how the internet plays a role in the music business today?

I think the internet is great. Everything is so accessible, and if you can get a beat on it as an artist, the way you can utilize the internet is incredible.

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