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We caught up with Uknomewel for an interview following the release of ‘Magik’ Read now!

How did you first get into music?

Originally I began freestyling, writing verse when I was around ten or eleven, my brother was a DJ in the area he developed me into a lyricist. I began rapping at like nine and writing poems around eleven years old. My brother Sun Mu Allah wrote and produced songs he was a DJ.

What is the first song that captured your attention as a youngster?

Probably some Tupac or Wu-Tang, ‘Sugar Hill’ by AZ.

Who influenced your latest release ‘Magik’?

‘Magik’ was mostly influenced by life’s ever trying and changing circumstances. The beat was tilted ‘Magic from the Paperfall Bros’, I ran wit, the struggle influenced it, perseverance influenced it.

You have released a number of tracks in 2020, which is your favourite?

For me, it’s ‘Endless Pain’, but I love them all honestly. ‘Magik’, ‘Problems’, and a couple of unreleased tracks as well.

What motivates you to make music?

I make music because I am an instrument myself. I receive vibrations, and in return, I manifest vibrations back into my environment (the world) thru making music. I am motivated by life to communicate my life to the world; music allows me to do so.

As an independent artist, what are the biggest challenges you face?

As an INDEPENDENT and I stress INDEPENDENT artist because I do everything or execute the needed operations and communications to have everything done from having album covers done to recording my songs to finding beats and releasing my music. It all has to get done. I don’t make beats or Mix and Master, but for the most, I Work Work! So I would say staying active and productive all around the board.

What are your other passions aside from music?

Health Fitness, Herbs, Culture, Etymology.

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I would make it required Facts Check on these rappers, haha. To fade out the cap, nawl, but rightfully I would let it evolve evolution is going to happen regardless. I would just take my place rightful in it.

What new music are you listening to at the moment?

I’m working I’m putting together a lot of material, so I don’t listen much. The ‘Ride The Wave 2’ mixtape just dropped on the 11/25 DJ Remedy and host it, so I’m on that, listening to the artist from NC along with my new music.

What musical plans do you have for the next two years?

I plan to release a Mixtape next year and some new tracks and videos hopefully some awesome shows and endorsements. I have some projects coming up wit Boss Nite, Beat Grabberz, Goodfellaz Ent Got a track with Blackinc and more we working… shout out to Jo3beats and Datklienbeat every one I worked wit on ‘How Can I Rest’ dropping in a blink of an eye, don’t blink.

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