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Music Store Nearby - FV Music Blog
Music Store Nearby – FV Music Blog

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Music Store Near Me

In this bizarre time of coronavirus, many people are using their lockdown time to learn an instrument. Finding a music store nearby is difficult in these times. Many are closed, and with the social distancing guidelines, we can not see them opening anytime soon. So we are left asking the question; which are the best music stores nearby?

Music Store Nearby – Ultimate Answer Revealed

zZounds are an online music store who have so many great features. They are who you need to be checking if you’re looking for music stores nearby. zZounds has been selling musical instruments online since 1996 and has built up a strong reputation for quality, selection, price, service, and speed. So if you are looking to learn an instrument, update your current collection, or to own your dream instrument make zZounds your first stop. (Click the banners for the lowest prices guaranteed!)

Music Store Near me – Low Price Guaranteed

Many don’t believe they can offer these low prices on new gear. But as one of the largest suppliers of top-brand musical instruments and equipment, it is highly efficient for their suppliers to do business with them. Not surprisingly, the prices they pay for the products customers want reflects that efficiency. And they can pass those savings along to you and still have enough resources to guarantee you the best service.

Product Selection

zZounds stocks over 10,000 products currently, and maintains a multi-million dollar inventory of guitars, basses, keyboards, recording gear, computer music gear, drums, DJ equipment and more. What more could you want?

Huge Selection – IN STOCK

With an inventory about 50 times bigger than a typical musical instrument retail store, chances are zZounds have what you’re looking for. With highly accurate real-time information on the website showing you which products are in stock at all times, you can be sure when you order an in-stock product that you won’t face a surprise delay.

Customer Service 

zZounds consistently out-scores its most frequently shopped competitors on the ‘Overall’ consumer rating – based on unbiased, independent customer surveys (as measured for recent periods). And when a customer calls to speak to zZounds, they talk to a professional musician, not a canned voice or an internationally based representative. Check it Biz Rate’s score out here.

Personalized Service from Musicians

At zZounds, you get personalized service from musicians – by toll-free call or email. zZounds pay these musicians to work for you: to give you honest product advice and assist you should any problem arise with your order. They are NOT paid a commission. These musicians will understand your lifelong dream of owning a Gibson Guitar, and they’ll only ask you for an item number so they can help you faster – not because they’ve never heard of a Marshall Stack or an SM58! They know how to help you because they share your dreams.

Super Low Shipping Costs

You get free shipping on many items – and you never get last-minute surprise shipping costs. zZounds show you your shipping costs almost everywhere they show you a product on the site. zZounds want you to see what you’ll pay because they lose a lot of money giving you the best possible shipping costs. And they never want you to feel tricked when you shop at zZounds.

Bi-Coastal Warehouses 

zZounds maintains two bi-coastal warehouses, ensuring that the free shipping they do offer gets to customers FAST. If a customer is in New York or LA, chances are they’ll see the delivery the very next day after ordering. This is what makes them a Music store nearby for anyone in the USA.

Play As You Play

You can get the gear you want now, and spread the cost across multiple payments. Approval couldn’t be simpler just select a payment plan during checkout to get started. There’s no paperwork, and zZounds never charge you interest! Use your own payment card to make the first payment upfront, and zZounds split the remainder into approximately equal monthly installments.

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Music Store Nearby - FV Music Blog

Music Store Nearby – Conclusion 

There are so many reasons as to why you and your family should consider learning a musical instrument. These include:

  • Instruments improves cognitive function
  • They Relieves Stress
  • It gives a sense of achievement
  • Learning a Musical Instrument helps to improve your memory
  • Music makes you more creative

So if you are in the market for a new instrument in the USA, make zZounds your first stop. They are a well known, credible music store who are waiting to help you to own your dream. 

Once you have your dream instrument, and released your own music, make sure you remember us to promote it! FV Music Blog.

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